"All my poems" by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Title: All my poems

Author: Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

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1. 82nd challenge Art is long, life is short11-12-201756611-10-2017
2. Ego Blinds11-12-201779711-5-2017
3. Let the blind lead the blind11-12-201767810-30-2017
4. Truth has essence of pain11-12-201760410-30-2017
5. She is a rose11-12-201779410-14-2017
6. You killed her11-12-201769910-1-2017
7. Gauri lankesh Martyred for the nation 11-12-20176159-13-2017
8. Fear not the wolf11-12-20176749-13-2017
9. World consider advice vain11-12-20176228-17-2017
10. Don't throw your pearls11-12-20176137-20-2017
11. Women are the epitome of strength and love (the 79th challenge)11-12-20176277-13-2017
12. 79th Inspirational challenge, Women are strong- wife11-12-20176167-12-2017
13. 79th inspirational challenge Women are strong they can bring the change 11-12-20176357-10-2017
14. They cried to Him11-12-20176207-10-2017
15. When things go beyond me11-14-20174817-9-2017
16. Communion11-15-20176317-9-2017
17. Darling11-15-20176697-7-2017
18. Thorn11-15-20177387-2-2017
19. Mosquitoes in trouble11-15-20177886-29-2017
20. Lynched11-15-20177996-28-2017
21. A puppy died 11-15-20176586-26-2017
22. My soul in it's prison cries11-15-20176116-26-2017
23. Sometimes you realize11-15-20177476-21-2017
24. Ends, and means11-15-20177426-13-2017
25. Where is India11-15-20178626-10-2017
26. Count your every word11-15-20176996-4-2017
27. Wow11-15-20176355-31-2017
28. They pierced me11-15-20176445-26-2017
29. We all need Blood of Christ11-15-20177695-20-2017
30. He is my bliss11-15-20176895-19-2017
31. Marijuana Cannabis11-15-20177235-14-2017
32. I don't know much (77 challenge)11-15-20176625-9-2017
33. Your religion is vain11-15-20177065-6-2017
34. Concrete jungle11-15-20179204-29-2017
35. In your hand I leave myself11-15-20177554-21-2017
36. If all men sins11-15-20178604-19-2017
37. Hide11-15-20176584-18-2017
38. Easter blessings11-15-20179754-16-2017
39. Ignominy11-15-20178584-13-2017
40. Laugh and the world Laughs with you11-15-20178324-9-2017
41. Wisdom to rule11-15-20177874-7-2017
42. AT HIS FOOTSTOOL I BOW DOWN11-15-20175984-7-2017
43. Look and be whole11-15-20177264-5-2017
44. I hide the truth in chocolate drops11-15-20177654-4-2017
45. Let me tell you11-15-20176994-3-2017
46. Word of God11-15-20178754-2-2017
47. Ponder11-15-20178703-31-2017
48. Tweet, the freedom of expression 11-15-201710603-30-2017
49. In love there are no options11-15-20178933-29-2017
50. ADVISE OF A FATHER11-15-20179523-28-2017
51. Every one is lonely11-15-20178773-25-2017
52. At a point stop and reflect11-15-20176683-24-2017
53. I fight my battle on my knees11-15-20178063-14-2017
54. My shoulders are weak11-15-20177183-14-2017
55. Save me from the so called righteous11-15-20177073-14-2017
56. Fear Him He is Mighty11-15-20177423-1-2017
57. Make me your slave Lord11-15-20177272-27-2017
58. All thoughts should not be shared11-15-20176612-27-2017
59. Love is in the air11-15-20178062-13-2017
60. So much of burden ye carry11-15-20175821-31-2017
61. Why should you be left out11-15-20177271-7-2017
62. New Year11-15-20177121-4-2017
63. My Christmas dream11-15-201783612-19-2016
64. At His footstool11-15-201781312-19-2016
65. Ye make these Ashes to burn11-15-201777612-9-2016
66. I am not to be burnt11-15-201795312-1-2016
67. Some things won't ever be known11-15-201784011-30-2016
68. Woman should raise her voice11-15-201792611-29-2016
69. I cried to the Lord in my anguish11-15-201782911-24-2016
70. I am standing next to generation next11-15-201782511-21-2016
71. They are making a fun of my grief11-15-201763711-20-2016
72. Tell me when did you do it11-15-201775311-19-2016
73. My silence started speaking to me11-15-201787011-18-2016
74. Mangy dog11-15-201791411-15-2016
75. So many tears I have dried11-15-201787311-11-2016
76. He my soul relieves11-15-201766011-6-2016
77. Every time time after time11-15-201765711-6-2016
78. Bread Of Heaven11-15-201767711-1-2016
79. I have got my life insured11-15-201766111-1-2016
80. Provider of seed I pray thee11-15-201765711-1-2016
81. Sweetheart11-15-201775111-1-2016
82. Shadow11-15-201778810-31-2016
83. Worshippers of power and authority11-15-201772110-31-2016
84. Faith11-15-201763410-31-2016
85. Friend of the marginalised11-15-201775910-31-2016
86. None can carry anything11-15-201766110-30-2016
87. Trust Him (Spies brought the bad report)11-15-201764010-30-2016
88. It will come back to you11-15-201768810-30-2016
89. Beautiful eyes11-15-201779110-30-2016
90. Morning prayer11-15-201781710-21-2016
91. There is a sword right here11-15-201773310-16-2016
92. Suffocation is getting suffocated in me11-15-201784010-11-2016
93. She asked me11-15-201779310-11-2016
94. In this sophisticated world11-15-201769410-7-2016
95. Inner Child (71st inspirational challenge)11-15-201770510-7-2016
96. He made the shadow retreat 11-15-20177387-30-2016
97. My money can't buy11-15-20177597-24-2016
98. My continual pray for all my students11-15-20176007-24-2016
99. This Jacob is Israel.11-15-20178035-7-2016
100. Which face is my true face?11-15-20177983-30-2016
101. Some time it makes me wonder11-15-20177733-25-2016
102. Should I fight with Him?11-15-20178283-24-2016
103. Where are you my heart11-15-20178053-23-2016
104. He holds the destiny of the world11-15-20177803-19-2016
105. Some drops of tears11-15-20178373-18-2016
106. The legacy11-15-20176922-29-2016
107. Do not insult me11-15-20177502-27-2016
108. I thought11-15-20177562-27-2016
109. Forgive them11-15-20177712-16-2016
110. Gift called love11-15-20178142-14-2016
111. My father11-15-20179712-12-2016
112. I raise my mine eyes to the Cross11-15-20177932-1-2016
113. Seek and ye shall find11-15-201710321-27-2016
114. When we met 62 challenge11-15-20177991-15-2016
115. Walks she on a path unknown11-15-20178951-10-2016
116. I'll say its you ( 60th challenge)11-15-201773911-11-2015
117. Death gazed at me and went back11-15-201789410-13-2015
118. Paris I weep with you 11-15-201760010-6-2015
119. Light a candle,pray for their souls......inspirational challenge11-15-201784410-6-2015
120. JYOTSNA11-15-201776410-4-2015
121. Every letter should not be mailed11-15-201715719-14-2015
122. Tell me if you are an angel11-15-20178739-14-2015
123. Habiba Qureshi11-15-20178859-7-2015
124. Hold your peace and learn an art11-15-20178449-1-2015
125. Oliver Paul Jacob11-15-20178229-1-2015
126. Who made that Silly camera11-15-20179968-22-2015
127. Stone just stone11-15-20177998-2-2015
128. My total security11-15-20178587-28-2015
129. Open Your Eyes11-15-20175986-12-2015
130. The joy of teaching is this (Happy Teacher's Day)11-15-201712714-25-2015
131. God made me in the furnace of affliction,11-15-20178644-13-2015
132. Rose11-15-20179094-6-2015
133. She is a woman11-15-201711103-16-2015
134. Persecution11-15-20178153-15-2015
135. Break all the bondage of fear11-15-201710673-15-2015
136. Talents11-15-20179053-13-2015
137. Some people think they are covered11-15-20177643-12-2015
138. You brat11-15-20177013-12-2015
139. I provide you even ground11-15-201710543-10-2015
140. My train is running at its fastest ....511-15-20179513-7-2015
141. She wear two cap's as I find11-15-201710723-6-2015
142. Do not let your eye rule your heart11-15-201710233-6-2015
143. MOTHER TERESA11-15-201712172-25-2015
144. My Hindi Teacher Mrs S.Jain. 11-15-201710202-16-2015
145. My Political Science Teacher Mrs Bhalla.11-15-201711882-16-2015
146. My Geography Teacher ,Mrs Anurupa Biswas11-15-201715812-16-2015
147. My History Teacher, S Kaur 11-15-201712502-16-2015
148. Am I my brother's keeper?11-15-20176722-16-2015
149. I love you valentine11-15-20177852-14-2015
150. My train is -------------------#4(I see my dream breaking today)11-15-20178192-13-2015
151. 51st inspirational challenge #3 My Train Is Running At its Fastest 11-15-20178762-9-2015
152. 51st Inspirational challenge #2 My train is running at its fastest11-15-201710532-7-2015
153. 51st Musketeers' Title Challenge.""My Train Is Running At Its Fastest11-15-20179652-7-2015
154. 51st Musketeers' Title Challenge."MY TRAIN IS RUNNING AT ITS FASTEST"11-15-201711432-7-2015
155. Bamboo Dance11-15-201713062-4-2015
156. Super Woman11-15-20179552-2-2015
157. You can't make a fool of your parents11-15-20176771-30-2015
158. love11-15-20177731-30-2015
159. Today you are leaving the school11-15-20178511-30-2015
160. Tell me how may I forget you11-15-201712971-30-2015
161. My love, you are above all crowd11-15-20178491-30-2015
162. Thank God for that cross, 11-15-20177841-30-2015
163. I have sins to offer him11-15-20176911-30-2015
164. I have put my feet, on the goad,11-15-20179001-30-2015
165. Let's Make This World A Better Place11-15-201710371-21-2015
166. Take all my depressions I give Thee    11-15-20179251-11-2015
167. To Me You Are A Dream11-15-20178221-7-2015
168. Reinforce the walls of this castle11-15-20178091-3-2015
169. I Love You, My life, My wife.11-15-201796412-27-2014
170. Blood Stains11-15-201782712-26-2014
171. You are my refuge11-15-201780712-25-2014
172. Whatever I desire He grants11-15-201785312-25-2014
173. The Onslaught Has Begun11-15-201781712-20-2014
174. Story of Christmas11-15-201784612-20-2014
175. Make Me a Worker In Thy Field11-15-201777112-14-2014
176. The Physician 11-15-201791610-2-2014
177. Friend11-15-201762410-2-2014
178. Fear Not11-15-201779710-2-2014
179. My Throat Was Too Easy To Cut11-15-201764310-2-2014
180. Refuge 11-15-20177799-29-2014
181. Can he provide food in the desert?11-15-20179059-28-2014
182. Three fold cord11-15-201710039-28-2014
183. Lover Boy11-15-20178739-25-2014
184. I'll be faithful to you 11-15-20177759-19-2014
185. He saved my hand11-15-20178739-10-2014
186. I can't share it with my shadow11-15-20178516-23-2014
187. One day at a time11-15-20178336-22-2014
188. He Cares11-15-20178346-22-2014
189. Thankful11-15-20177516-22-2014
190. So many a tear have I dried11-15-20179216-20-2014
191. CYNTHIA MANOHARAN11-15-20179626-17-2014
192. Every time, time after time11-15-20178416-16-2014
193. He my soul relives11-15-201710096-16-2014
194. Unwavering Love 11-15-20176716-15-2014
195. Solid foundations11-15-20178376-15-2014
196. You Can Save Me11-15-20175856-14-2014
197. Thirst 11-15-20176656-14-2014
198. My Provider 11-15-20179676-13-2014
199. Protector11-15-20176526-12-2014
200. Baits Baits and Baits11-15-20177676-12-2014
201. Unworthy, unworthy, unworthy,11-15-20179666-11-2014
202. Would you use this broken vessel?11-15-20178866-11-2014
203. Adultery11-15-20176896-11-2014
204. Not my will Lord but thine11-15-20176796-11-2014
205. In His time11-15-20175856-11-2014
206. Lord this world is thirsty11-15-20178256-10-2014
207. World Trade Centre11-15-201711876-10-2014
208. Trust Him11-15-201711446-9-2014
209. Encountering Goliath11-15-201710216-9-2014
210. Bribe11-15-20177396-8-2014
211. Our God Reigns11-15-201711376-8-2014
212. Build on the wounds of realities11-15-20179406-7-2014
213. My God11-15-20178455-28-2014
214. My all in all11-15-20179375-27-2014
215. Idol Broke11-15-201711965-23-2014
216. CRY OF A TEACHER 11-15-201711505-23-2014
217. He Insures Life11-15-20178575-23-2014
218. See what the lord has done11-15-20178715-22-2014
219. Trial 11-15-20178735-22-2014
220. Answer me11-15-201710514-29-2014
221. waiting on the lord11-15-20179144-13-2014
222. Cry11-15-20178154-7-2014
223. I am His child11-15-20176914-7-2014
224. Do not feel dejected my soul11-15-20178054-7-2014
225. difficulties11-15-20178894-7-2014
226. To Thee, I Lift Mine Eyes11-15-201775312-10-2013
227. deception11-15-201775312-10-2013
228. Only But The Brave Deserve The Fair11-15-2017139512-10-2013
229. Unhappy11-15-201759812-9-2013
230. I love you11-15-201776812-9-2013
231. Rat Race11-15-201777312-9-2013
232. Live my child live11-15-201710453-11-2013
233. You made us rich11-15-20179353-5-2013
234. MOBILE 11-15-2017111510-4-2012
235. Dowry 11-15-201714318-27-2012
236. Taj Mahal11-15-201712758-22-2012
237. LOST LOVE11-15-201711428-18-2012
238. Spellbound11-15-201714978-18-2012
239. I COULDN’T SHARE11-15-201710347-7-2012
240. GOD IN THE FURNACE11-15-201713226-1-2012
241. GODS PATH11-15-201716625-20-2012
242. MOTHER11-15-201715985-8-2012
243. THE MASK11-15-201715035-5-2012
244. GODS LOVE11-15-201711615-5-2012
245. HIS BLOOD RELIEVE11-15-201713215-4-2012
246. Janet Jacob requime11-15-201714985-4-2012
247. DESIRE11-15-20179985-3-2012
248. Worshippers of power and authority11-15-201711385-2-2012
249. YOU ARE MINE(my wife)11-15-201716044-30-2012
250. RAJIV GANDHI 11-15-201731954-29-2012
251. CLOWN11-15-201715484-28-2012
252. I am holding the end of a rope11-15-201721784-24-2012
253. First I had one heart 11-15-201711804-23-2012
254. TOUNGE11-15-20177884-23-2012
255. CARPENTER11-15-201717014-23-2012
256. Seventh time the spider made it11-15-201711814-23-2012
257. MY WIFE ( in the midst of million people)11-15-201716984-20-2012
258. PERSISTENCE11-15-201719184-2-2012
259. HOLD THE HANDS OF THE CLOCK11-15-201721753-30-2012
260. CYNTHIA MANOHARAN11-15-201718213-30-2012
261. AUTOPSY REPORT11-15-201713703-29-2012
262. DID AN EARTHQUAKE STRIKE THE CAPITAL?11-15-201718813-28-2012
263. Sympathy lip sympathy11-16-201766811-16-2017
264. The storm is approaching11-16-201773711-16-2017
265. Don't look deep in man11-25-201776511-25-2017
266. Doorway to heaven12-1-201761412-1-2017
267. What a pity12-5-201774912-5-2017
268. What a pity it is for sure12-7-201767912-7-2017
269. Do not take the name of God invain12-23-2017132012-18-2017
270. Gift of christmas12-23-2017144812-22-2017
271. I can associate with Him12-24-201761212-24-2017
272. Dust thou art1-14-20185831-8-2018
273. I could hear my ego2-3-20185752-3-2018
274. When tension Hits me hard2-3-20185571-27-2018
275. Mother's love2-28-20186072-21-2018
276. Muse3-1-201861611-9-2017
277. Once again He called me3-2-20184693-2-2018
278. Lord I invite you to the ruins of my heart3-2-20185003-2-2018
279. Defeat I wear you3-2-20184383-2-2018
280. Not so dirty that His blood can't Cleanse3-2-20185023-2-2018
281. My hands are tied3-2-20184783-2-2018
282. She touched the helm of his garment3-3-20185253-3-2018
283. Let I die3-9-20185113-9-2018
284. When you insult3-19-20184633-17-2018
285. When I look at cactus3-19-20185063-19-2018
286. Let begone be begone3-24-20187813-24-2018
287. Ask no questions3-24-20185693-21-2018
288. I burnt my house4-4-20185544-4-2018
289. Taken from near my heart5-18-20184845-18-2018
290. No weapon formed against you shall prosper5-21-20184215-19-2018
291. What is your range 5-21-20183945-19-2018
292. Hurled 5-21-20184695-21-2018
293. If your courage fails at times of need 6-14-20184555-22-2018
294. Values are just in trace 6-14-20184045-26-2018
295. They called me a thorn 6-14-20184755-31-2018
296. Greed can not be fulfilled6-21-20184146-19-2018
297. Talebearers7-23-20184717-23-2018
298. Advise for my son7-26-20184537-26-2018
299. Not only must Justice be done8-12-20184328-1-2018
300. Give peace a chance8-12-20184118-3-2018
301. Digiworld8-12-20183958-6-2018
302. RIP8-30-20184428-16-2018
303. When the hands of the lord are around you8-30-20184398-19-2018
304. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam8-30-20185498-23-2018
305. To Rahul with love8-30-20184908-29-2018
306. Tears12-5-20185219-16-2018
307. Whenever circumstances try.12-5-20183599-28-2018
308. The big question is12-5-201836010-1-2018
309. This is my answer12-5-201850710-7-2018
310. They have forgotten12-5-201837411-17-2018
311. When your hands can't help12-5-201831411-22-2018
312. Divide and rule12-5-201834012-4-2018
313. Mind your own business12-16-201832112-12-2018
314. The Christmas Craze. Musketeer 95th Challenge 12-16-201824612-15-2018
315. The rout12-22-201830912-17-2018
316. Words of wisdom12-22-201826612-18-2018
317. Flexibility is an art12-22-201835112-18-2018
318. Truth should not be out12-22-201833712-22-2018
319. I will give you rest12-23-201839812-23-2018
320. The fourth pillar of democracy12-26-201833212-23-2018
321. They killed Gandhi12-26-201833012-25-2018
322. Jawaharlal Nehru12-26-201830512-26-2018
323. I love my country12-26-201838812-26-2018
324. All politics failed in front of Him1-3-201934712-28-2018
325. Accidental Prime Minister 1-3-20193521-3-2019
326. His care is sufficient for me1-14-20193681-3-2019
327. I pour out my heart to the Lord1-14-20192771-4-2019
328. Why seek for vision from blind1-14-20192631-4-2019
329. You are worthy1-14-20193771-5-2019
330. Why people belittle1-14-20194371-7-2019
331. Let your words be few1-14-20192711-9-2019
332. Be ye connected1-14-20193381-10-2019
333. For Christ's sake1-14-20193611-14-2019
334. Rose when crushed1-26-20194101-15-2019
335. A prayer for healing1-26-20193691-17-2019
336. When they malign you1-26-20193061-24-2019
337. Make hay when the sun shines2-16-20193671-26-2019
338. When you point your finger2-16-20192441-31-2019
339. Once you are labelled unclean2-16-20192242-2-2019
340. Right hand of lies2-16-20192202-7-2019
341. Few mouths of lies2-16-20192582-8-2019
342. Why am I suffering?2-16-20192502-11-2019
343. Hold His hands2-16-20192722-16-2019
344. Only He could have done it2-16-20192132-16-2019
345. You also are one of them3-27-20192322-20-2019
346. Why should the mud say3-27-20191713-20-2019
347. You shared your heart with me3-27-20192153-20-2019
348. There was a time3-27-20192293-22-2019
349. Joyful mother of a child3-27-20192283-23-2019
350. It's my right3-27-20192193-26-2019
351. Et tu, Brute?6-2-20192094-16-2019
352. I am the resurrection and the life6-2-20192694-21-2019
353. Some pages should not be opened6-2-20192754-30-2019
354. For every flower6-2-20191754-30-2019
355. Punching bag6-2-20192214-30-2019
356. Who killed Gandhi ji 6-2-20192825-16-2019
357. Cover the sins of my Life6-2-20192615-23-2019
358. I think Churchill was right6-3-20193096-3-2019
359. Desire ( My love for you is still the same)6-7-20192906-7-2019
360. One day you will understand7-17-20192996-9-2019
361. Fourth pillar of democracy has fallen alas8-13-20193207-4-2019
362. I AM can make a shepherd king 9-8-20192417-14-2019
363. Thank you for adding grace after grace9-8-20192397-19-2019
364. Most incompetent9-8-20191417-24-2019
365. If raped by politicians9-8-20192317-31-2019
366. Neither should advise be given9-8-20191348-4-2019
367. Where was Christ in politics9-8-20192078-5-2019
368. Playing the game of numbers9-8-20191598-10-2019
369. You are unique9-8-20191728-13-2019
370. Article 3709-8-20192378-17-2019
371. He will never forsake you9-8-20191518-18-2019
372. Political Vendetta9-8-20192808-24-2019
373. Where is Mother India9-8-20192679-1-2019
374. Did you see his intervention (Testimony)9-8-20191599-4-2019
375. I think fear is driving me crazy9-8-20191589-5-2019
376. If you fail to change your decision11-9-20191669-9-2019
377. Let them raise an alarm11-9-20192549-12-2019
378. Foolish man cuts the branch (Advice)11-9-20191169-14-2019
379. Rumi's quote11-9-20192439-17-2019
380. Sheep's clothing11-9-20192559-19-2019
381. There are hundreds and more11-9-201910710-7-2019
382. Only through His grace11-9-201916410-8-2019
383. Some truth are better blurred11-9-201914610-19-2019
384. Seek your rewards from the king of kings11-9-201914210-21-2019
385. Take me back to time (challenge 103)11-9-201926311-3-2019
386. You are still the same11-9-201937411-9-2019
387. Dust to dust11-9-201911411-9-2019
388. Love should never grow cold11-22-201927311-10-2019
389. Christ has shown the way11-22-201913211-12-2019
390. See how power blinds11-22-201915011-13-2019
391. Blame game11-22-201934411-16-2019
392. Fruit of the garden was beautiful (love)11-22-201929811-18-2019
393. My voice (thanks you for hearing my voice)11-22-201931511-20-2019
394. Voice of freedom11-22-201929811-22-2019
395. Feel good factor11-29-201929811-26-2019
396. Let Saul convert to Paul11-29-201937011-27-2019
397. Justice should never die2-10-202015712-1-2019
398. Did Socrates die2-10-202015112-1-2019
399. Save the girl child2-10-202022012-6-2019
400. Who will show the light2-10-202011312-17-2019
401. Peace on earth & good will to man2-10-202031812-21-2019
402. Democracy your days are numbered2-10-20203071-20-2020
403. Trembling of hearts2-10-20202891-31-2020
404. Nation wants to know2-10-20203082-4-2020
405. Rejoice in Him2-10-2020742-5-2020
406. Some thread have been broken (Relations)2-10-2020732-9-2020
407. My nation 2-10-2020682-9-2020
408. If you wish to be lost3-5-2020992-12-2020
409. Let them treat me as a foot mat (Let it go)3-5-2020742-20-2020
410. They will continue to throw stones3-5-20202812-22-2020
411. How do you wash your hands3-5-2020783-1-2020
412. Let status quo be maintained5-21-2020763-5-2020
413. We are at war5-21-2020684-15-2020
414. Death to Covid195-21-2020804-22-2020
415. War against Corona5-21-2020505-9-2020
416. Where do I stand5-21-2020455-14-2020
417. Why tell you are naked5-21-2020455-16-2020
418. Tell me doctor6-17-2020405-21-2020
419. He is of age ask him6-17-2020465-23-2020
420. In this world of covid6-17-2020765-30-2020
421. Are we worthy of the gift God gave you6-17-2020736-4-2020
422. America I pray for you6-17-2020676-7-2020
423. Pearls6-17-2020286-13-2020
424. Pen Bleeds6-17-2020326-17-2020
425. Do not touch my country6-19-2020596-19-2020
426. At the blink of time6-19-2020286-19-2020
427. No that must have been an angel6-22-2020326-19-2020
428. Stones shall proclaim your glory6-22-2020636-20-2020
429. Hold the hands of the clock ( Janet Jacob )6-23-2020206-22-2020
430. Yesterday I lost my heart6-23-2020256-22-2020
431. Worshippers of power and authority6-23-2020286-22-2020
432. Injustice at its apex6-25-2020396-23-2020
433. I have found a mote6-25-2020166-23-2020
434. They left me in the desert6-28-2020266-27-2020
435. Panchsheel6-28-2020366-27-2020
436. Promotion cometh neither from east nor west6-28-2020246-27-2020
437. Holy spirit how do you do it 6-28-2020316-27-2020
438. Who has been able to write on sand 6-30-2020426-29-2020
439. Rejection is a part and parcel of life 6-30-2020506-29-2020
440. There is a way to carry your riches6-30-2020686-29-2020