"SAINT THYAGARAJA" by Rajaram Ramachandran, India


Author: Rajaram Ramachandran, India

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Type: Book of Chapters


The Saint Thyagaraja was born at Tiruvarur, Thanjavir District on the 4th May 1767. The Saint was well versed in Sanskrit and Telugu languages. He composed thousands of Carnatic Songs, which are very popular even today and are sung by all the famous musicians of South India. He worshiped Lord Rama and composed many songs about the Lord.


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1. ST01. BIRTH OF A SAINT4-3-20183704-3-2018
2. ST02. THE KAKARLA FAMILY4-3-20183494-3-2018
3. ST03. THE SAINT'S EARLY LIFE4-3-20183434-3-2018
4. ST04. HIS FIRST SONG4-3-20183544-3-2018
5. ST05. THE SAINT'S PARENTS4-3-20184154-3-2018
6. ST06. UNDER A THATCHED ROOF4-4-20183584-4-2018
7. ST07. THE SAINT'S MARRIED LIFE4-4-20183914-4-2018
8. ST08. A SONG DEDICATED TO HIS FATHER4-4-20183574-4-2018
9. ST09. A GOOD START4-4-20183594-4-2018
10. ST10. BEFORE THE COURT MUSICIANS4-4-20183834-4-2018
11. ST11. SAINT'S SECOND MARRIAGE4-5-20183444-5-2018
12. ST12. CHANTING RAMA'S NAME4-5-20183724-5-2018
13. ST13. VISION OF RAMA4-5-20183444-5-2018
14. ST14. RAMA TAPS THE DOOR4-5-20183514-5-2018
15. ST15. GIFT FROM SAGE NARADA4-5-20183604-5-2018
16. ST16. THE LADDER OF FAME4-6-20183424-6-2018
17. ST17. BROTHER JALPESAN4-6-20183484-6-2018
18. ST18. NOT FOR WEALTH4-6-20183554-6-2018
19. ST19. GIFTS FROM THE KING4-6-20183484-6-2018
20. ST20. THE DEITY DISAPPEARED4-6-20183774-6-2018
21. ST21. THE DEITY IN PROCESSION4-7-20183704-7-2018
22. ST22. KING OF THIRUVANANDAPURAM4-7-20183684-7-2018
23. ST23. OBEISANCE TO GREAT PERSONS4-7-20183644-7-2018
24. ST24. SEE NOT, SING NOT4-7-20183804-7-2018
25. ST25. MUSICIANS ADMIRED THE SAINT4-7-20183894-7-2018
26. ST26. A SURPRISE VISIT4-8-20183924-8-2018
27. ST27. THE SAINT'S PILGRIMAGE4-8-20183564-8-2018
28. ST28. DEAD MAN CAME ALIVE4-8-20183674-8-2018
29. ST29. THIEVES RAN AWAY4-8-20183644-8-2018
30. ST30. THE SAINT'S LAST DAYS4-8-20183954-8-2018
31. ST31. PANCHARATNA KIRTANAS-14-9-20183724-9-2018
32. ST32. PANCHARATNA KIRTANA-24-9-20183604-9-2018
33. ST33. PANCHARATNA KIRTANS - 34-9-20183774-9-2018