"KING NALAN" by Rajaram Ramachandran, India


Author: Rajaram Ramachandran, India

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Type: Book of Chapters


This is a popular love story that was originally written in Sanskrit By Poet Harsha of North India under the title 'Naishadam.' It was later written in Tamil by Poet Pugazhendi of South India in the name of 'Nala Venba' somewhere between 9th and 13th century AD. Apart from the story value, the poetic style in which it was written in Tamil was very much unique and unparalleled in its presentation.This series containing 32 episodes will reveal to the present generation the life style and culture of the people of those times.


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1. NALAN01. THE STORY OF KING NALAN4-13-20185674-13-2018
2. NN01. A STORY WAS BORN4-13-20184494-13-2018
3. NN02. LOVE WAS BORN4-13-20184254-13-2018
4. NN03. SWAN THE MESSENGER4-13-20184354-13-2018
5. NN04. SELF-CHOSEN WEDDING NEWS4-13-20184714-13-2018
6. NN05. INDRA'S MESSENGER4-14-20184164-14-2018
7. NN06. SICKLY HEART4-14-20184124-14-2018
8. NN07. SUYAM-VARAM SCENE4-14-20184084-14-2018
9. NN08. MARRY AND BE HAPPY4-14-20183944-14-2018
10. NN09. KALI FOLLOWS 4-14-20184444-14-2018
11. NN10. LOVERS' QUARREL AND REUNION4-15-20184194-15-2018
12. NN11. HAPPY LIFE4-15-20183814-15-2018
13. NN12. KALI ARRIVED4-15-20183844-15-2018
14. NN13. LOST IN GAMBLE4-15-20183914-15-2018
15. NN14. LEFT THE COUNTRY SCENE4-15-20184684-15-2018
16. NN15. FAMILY SCATTERED4-16-20184104-16-2018
17. NN16. LOST THE DRESS4-16-20183924-16-2018
18. NN17. DARKNESS AROUND4-16-20183874-16-2018
19. NN18. THE HARDSHIP OF SEPARATION4-16-20183854-16-2018
20. NN19. MAIDEN LOST HER COMPANION4-16-20184384-16-2018
21. NN20. HUNTER WAS BURNT4-17-20184154-17-2018
22. NN21. SHE REACHED ;SETHINADU4-17-20184044-17-2018
23. NN22. BRAHMIN CAME IN SEARCH4-17-20183964-17-2018
24. NN23. GONE TO HER BIRTH HOUSE4-17-20183974-17-2018
25. NN24. KALI HAD GONE4-17-20184204-17-2018
26. NN25. STAY AT AYODHYA4-18-20184074-18-2018
27. NN26. BRAHMIN WHO SEARCHED4-18-20184064-18-2018
28. NN27. SECOND SUYAM-VARAM4-18-20183884-18-2018
29. NN28. THE CHARIOT WENT FAST4-18-20183994-18-2018
30. NN29. IN THE CITY OF VIMARASAN4-18-20184324-18-2018
31. NN30. CHILDREN AND FATHER4-19-20184084-19-2018
32. NN31. FAMILY UNITED4-19-20183894-19-2018
33. NN32. RESTORED TO STATUS4-19-20184604-19-2018