"The Art of Dying" by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia

Title: The Art of Dying

Author: Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia

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Type: Book of Poems


My own father took some 25 years to die - with us being called to his bedside at the hospital for a final goodbye many many times. With this in mind, I became very at home with the idea of death and dying and all its secrets. I never set out to write a lot of songs about this very subject, but here, all these years later, I have a complete collection (and more to come, I suspect). They are all written to give me, and hopefully you, a small element of peace in a time that can be such tumultuous upheaval. Presented to you with love and grace. x


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1. Daddy's Shoes1-17-20193821-13-2019
2. Tic Toc Baby (for Wendy)1-17-20195459-14-2016
3. O Captain! My Captain! (A song for Robin Williams)1-17-20196518-12-2016
4. The Green Door1-17-20196178-12-2016
5. Dear Death1-17-20196463-2-2016
6. On Coming Back to Say Good-bye1-17-20196773-2-2016
7. Take my hand dear sister (lyrics)1-17-20195887-10-2016
8. There was no thud of clay2-4-20192612-4-2019
9. The Weight of Sorrow2-4-20192982-3-2019
10. I Was There2-4-20193232-3-2019
11. Child as Mother2-4-20192722-3-2019
12. Susan Haskin was a faery teacher2-19-20202932-19-2020