"THE MOTHER OF PONDICHERRY" by Rajaram Ramachandran, India


Author: Rajaram Ramachandran, India

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Type: Book of Chapters


The Mother of Pondicherry, South India came from Paris, France and settled in India. Along with Sri Aurobindo, she was on the spiritual path. She built up the Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry and helped her devotees to attain their spiritual life. Here is a series of poems on her life from 21-02-1878 to 17-11-1973.


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1. SM001. INDIA, THE SPIRUAL LAND3-16-2020803-16-2020
2. SM002. BIRTH OF THE MOTHER3-17-2020923-17-2020
3. SM003. MIRA'S INNER VISION3-18-2020823-18-2020
4. SM004. THE ART OF OCCULTISM3-19-2020813-19-2020
5. SM005. CLASSIFICATION OF MIND3-20-2020753-20-2020
6. SM006. MOTHER FOR WORLD PEACE3-21-2020833-21-2020
7. SM007, THE COSMIC VISION OF SRI AUROBINDO3-22-2020903-22-2020
8. SM008. SRI AUROBINDO, THE DIVINE YOGI3-23-2020793-23-2020
9. SM009. SRI AUROBINDO ASHRAM3-24-2020793-24-2020
10. SM010. AUROVILLE THE WORLD CENTER3-25-2020823-25-2020
11. SM011, HEALTH IS WEALTH IN LIFE3-26-2020803-26-2020
12. SM012. HOW FAR EDUCATION HELPS?3-27-2020793-27-2020
13. SM013. MOTHER'S GRACE3-28-2020833-28-2020
14. SM014. MOTHER'S NON-VIOLENCE3-29-2020813-29-2020
15. SM015,THE FUTURE OF INDIA3-30-2020863-30-2020
16. SM016. WORK IS WORSHIP3-31-2020733-31-2020
17. SM017. THE NATURE OR GOD4-1-2020774-1-2020
18. SM018. THE MOTHER AND THE DEVOTEES4-2-2020774-2-2020
19. SM019. ACCEPT MOTHER IN LIFE4-3-2020714-3-2020
20. SM020.PROGRESS WITH PROBLEMS4-4-2020714-4-2020
21. SM021, PURNA YOGA (1)4-5-2020714-5-2020
22. SM022. PURNA YOGA (2)4-6-2020724-6-2020
23. SM023, PURNA YOGA AND OTHER YOGAS4-7-2020714-7-2020
24. SM024, II PART INTRODUCTION4-8-2020944-8-2020
25. SM025. THE MOTHER AND THE ASHRAM4-9-2020924-9-2020
26. SM026, SRI AUROBINDO, THE PURNA YOGI4-10-2020814-10-2020
27. SM027. THE MOTHER AND HER DEVOTEES4-11-2020904-11-2020
28. SM028. BANYAN TREE AND GANESH TEMPLE4-12-2020764-12-2020
29. SM029. THE MOTHER AND THE ASHRAM4-13-2020764-12-2020
30. SM030. SAMADHI DARSHAN4-14-2020714-14-2020