"SHIRDI SAI BABA" by Rajaram Ramachandran, India


Author: Rajaram Ramachandran, India

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Type: Book of Chapters


The life story of Shirdi Sai Baba every Indian may know. as too many temples in his name have come up in India and across the world too. After his departure from this Earth on 15-10-1918, I was born on 13-07-1931 and became his devotee from a very young age. I had a high fever when I was just 10 years old in the year 1940-41, which was the peak period of World War II. Sai Baba saved my life miraculously and that is a big story to tell here. Today I am nearing my 90th Birthday, as Sai Baba has been helping me now and then during my troublesome life period. I am glad to write his life story, in brief, for the reading pleasure of poetry lovers.


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1. SAI001. LIFE OF A SAINT4-15-2020724-15-2020
2. SAI002. THE WORLD OF OURS4-16-2020734-16-2020
3. SAI003. A SANYASI UNDER A TREE4-17-2020834-17-2020
4. SAI004. SAI BABA GAVE MEDICINES4-18-2020614-18-2020
5. SAI005. SRI GADGE MAHARAJ4-19-2020714-19-2020
6. SAI006. CHAND PATIL OF AURANGABAD4-20-2020644-20-2020
7. SAI007. THE EARLY LIFE OF SAI BABA4-21-2020714-21-2020
8. SAI008. SAI BABA'S MAGIC TOUCH4-22-2020694-22-2020
9. SAI009. SERVICES TO HIS GURU4-23-2020724-23-2020
10. SAI010. HOW TO REALIZE BRAHMAN?4-24-2020704-24-2020
11. SAI011. HIS EARLY LIFE4-25-2020634-25-2020
12. SAI012, BURNING OIL LAMPS4-26-2020734-26-2020
13. SAI013. MOSQUE OR DWARAKAMAI4-27-2020564-27-2020
14. SAI014, OLD MOSQUE AND CHAVADI4-28-2020584-28-2020
15. SAI015, PROBLEMS OF DEVOTEES (1)4-28-2020584-28-2020
16. SAI016. PROBLEMS OF DEVOTEES (2)4-29-2020684-29-2020
17. SAI017, APPASAHEB KULKARNI4-30-2020994-30-2020
18. SAI018. HIS CONTROL OVER DISEASE5-1-2020675-1-2020
19. SAI019. MIRACLES MANY5-2-2020685-2-2020
20. SAI020. SAI BABA IS ALL THE GODS5-3-2020655-3-2020
21. SAI021, LOVE FOR ALL CREATURES (1)5-4-2020585-4-2020
22. SAI022. LOVE FOR ALL CREATURES (2)5-5-2020555-5-2020
23. SAI023. LOVE FOR ALL CREATURES (3)5-6-2020645-6-2020
24. SAI024. BABA'S OMNISCIENCE5-7-2020675-7-2020
25. SAI025. SOMADEVA SWAMI5-8-2020625-8-2020
26. SAI026. RASANE OF PUNE5-9-2020635-9-2020
27. SAI027. SAI BABA'S DAILY LIFE5-10-2020535-10-2020
28. SAI028. SAI BABA THE MASTER5-11-2020575-11-2020
29. SAI029. SAI BABA WITH DEVOTEES5-12-2020535-12-2020
30. SAI030. SAI BABA, THE GODMAN5-13-2020555-13-2020
31. SAI031. LAST DAYS OF SAI BABA5-14-2020535-14-2020
32. SAI032. WHY YOU'VE FEAR WHEN I'M HERE?5-14-2020725-14-2020