"Matters of Faith" by Richard Gildea, UK

Title: Matters of Faith

Author: Richard Gildea, UK

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Type: Book of Poems


Poems related to my Faith. Comments on other faiths and belief systems. God in relation to world events, science and historical facts.


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1. "I Plead My Case"4-2-201117301-29-2011
2. Preparation Day4-2-201124753-17-2011
3. "Whither the Wind Blows, there Falls the Seed" 4-2-201118362-23-2011
4. "A Small Lump of Clay with a Transient Name"4-2-201122022-10-2011
5. "HOST OF LIFE"4-2-201126981-24-2011
6. Tall and Proud4-2-201126482-17-2011
7. 'Rent Asunder'4-15-201114514-15-2011
8. Prince of Darkness4-21-201114084-20-2011
9. Awakening4-24-201124854-24-2011
10. Scales of Thought5-10-201114745-10-2011
11. Palatable View5-24-201113465-24-2011
12. For the Love of Thee6-29-201111006-29-2011
13. Ultimate Muse10-11-2011121310-11-2011
14. Adieu La Lune3-5-20129153-5-2012
15. “Optimistic Pessimist”3-24-201218153-24-2012
16. SACRIFICIAL LAMB4-6-201212943-20-2012
17. Ring of Rosary4-6-201210424-6-2012
18. Reflections of Mary7-15-20129957-15-2012
19. Shadow Dancer7-17-201216917-17-2012
20. Churchyard Refrain8-24-201211238-24-2012
21. Hath Boldly Gone (Haiku)8-25-201211488-25-2012
22. “For Whom The Bell Tolls” - 9/11 (Reprise)9-11-201211079-11-2012
23. I Have A Question9-12-201210929-12-2012
24. Nothing But The Truth10-18-2012103010-18-2012
25. I Believe In Angels12-28-2012149912-28-2012
26. Beneath Thy Feet3-24-201313573-24-2013
27. Sacrificial Lamb (Reprise)3-28-20137243-28-2013
28. Vision Expressed5-26-20138245-26-2013
29. Hard To Swallow (32nd Musketeers Inspirational Challenge)6-18-201310046-18-2013
30. No Matter What (32nd Inspirational Challenge #2)6-22-20137986-22-2013
31. Stay Attuned7-29-20138947-29-2013
32. “Hark this Herald”12-11-201387612-11-2013
33. The (final) Last Supper5-18-20149495-18-2014
34. "I Confess"6-24-20146256-24-2014
35. Sacrificial Lamb (Repost)11-14-20145924-18-2014
36. Our Daily Bread11-26-201553811-26-2015
37. What e’er adorns the Tree12-21-201560112-21-2015
38. A Postcard to Heaven - (I know You’re there)7-30-20167107-30-2016
39. A Promissory Note9-6-20164849-6-2016
40. This Old Art of Mine11-1-201736211-1-2017
41. “True courage requires but ‘One’ witness”11-27-201741311-27-2017
42. "Way of Sorrows" - (for Holy Week)3-23-20183693-23-2018
43. An Easter 'Parade' (of sorts) 3-27-20183833-24-2018
44. "A Men to that"4-23-20183104-23-2018