"VN Friendships and Misc' Items" by Richard Gildea, UK

Title: VN Friendships and Misc' Items

Author: Richard Gildea, UK

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Type: Book of Chapters


Poems or comments relating to friends on VN. Information received from VN Team and JJ


#Chapter TitleAdded to
1. "PPP Tsunami"4-2-201118323-1-2011
2. Tall and Proud4-2-201127242-17-2011
3. "Sayonara"6-9-201126313-12-2011
4. High Heeled Gal6-22-201115366-22-2011
5. Enhanced Life Through Friendship12-28-2011137212-23-2011
6. Blessed Troubadours12-31-2011113912-31-2011
7. The Bard of Lum3-16-20129513-16-2012
8. Willie Warbler Willis 3-17-201210463-17-2012
9. Just Another Brick in Tony’s Wall3-21-201214423-21-2012
10. Precious Gift (Sweet Susan)4-7-201210654-7-2012
11. Tangerine Trees (Westly)6-8-201217986-8-2012
12. Ah Nishu 7-15-201228427-12-2012
13. “Quills O’er Ten Pages”11-19-2012118511-19-2012
14. Hold Fast (New Year)12-30-201285012-30-2012
15. Crocodilian Rock4-20-20138684-20-2013
16. ‘Cool’ Cold Cap9-22-20139969-22-2013
17. “Pucker Up”10-1-201482110-1-2014
18. Caring Quills2-21-20157412-21-2015
19. “Maggie Hangel”9-14-20156609-14-2015
20. Ah Nishu (repost)1-30-20165851-30-2016
21. We Pledge Our Troth (to the ladies of VN)2-14-20165432-14-2016
22. “What E’er Awaits”6-28-20165556-28-2016
23. A Host of Angels (for the Ladies of VN)2-14-20174562-14-2017
24. ‘IOWA’ everything5-31-20174315-31-2017
25. DENIS BARTER Esq.7-1-20173537-1-2017
26. This Son of RDK (for Ralph - Son of Roy)7-19-20174247-19-2017
27. Weighed Down8-15-20174358-15-2017
28. Who do you love? - for my friend Marie (#81)10-16-201742210-16-2017
29. "A Call to Arms" (for the Ladies of VN)2-15-20184412-15-2018
30. "Ode Tae a Mouse” (Burns Supper - second helping, fer ma ain Brother William)1-23-20192951-23-2019