"Book of "Inspirational Title Challenges"" by Richard Gildea, UK

Title: Book of "Inspirational Title Challenges"

Author: Richard Gildea, UK

Views: 2078

Type: Book of Poems


My Take on titles set by fellow members inclusive of responses, in chronological order.


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1. "You may borrow my pen, but don't use my ink" 7-12-201122492-5-2011
2. "A Small Lump of Clay with a Transient Name"7-12-201121992-10-2011
3. "Whither the Wind Blows, there Falls the Seed" 7-12-201118352-23-2011
4. "You may lead my horse to water, but you can't make him Drink"7-12-201122403-7-2011
5. "Though Nothing Can Bring Back the Hour of Splendour in the Grass, of Glory in the Flower"7-12-201121113-31-2011
6. All Cards Are Marked and All Fates Will Collide7-12-201115225-5-2011
7. “The Fragrance of Virtue Rises to the Heavens”7-12-201116465-18-2011
8. "Fasten your Seatbelts, it’s going to be a Bumpy Night"7-12-201121825-31-2011
9. “Two Hearts Beating As One”7-12-201117566-25-2011
10. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be"7-27-201136817-27-2011
11. "The no mind not thinks, no thoughts about no things" - The Buddha8-23-201115648-21-2011
12. "The Child is Father of the Man"9-16-201115059-16-2011
13. The Rise and Fall of Notes10-18-2011143610-18-2011
14. “Just Give Me a Cowboy Poet”11-13-2011216511-13-2011
15. “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into”4-2-2012118112-9-2011
16. “I may be lying in the gutter but I’m looking up at the stars”4-2-201222451-6-2012
17. Heady Bit of Bungee Jumping, This Pride, Leaves You Hanging Alone At the End of it.4-2-201210943-2-2012
18. Per Ardua Ad Astra (Through struggle to the Stars)4-2-201212653-19-2012
20. How can the bird that is born for joy, sit in a cage and sing?5-22-201211675-22-2012
21. I Hesitantly Walked Through The Portal Not Knowing What Lay Ahead6-1-20128516-1-2012
22. Dreams aspire to reach the sky, “When Doves Fly” 9-6-201216047-28-2012
23. "Let Your Life Lightly Dance OnTthe Edges Of Time Like Dew On The Tip Of A Leaf ....To The Music Of 9-6-201216869-6-2012
24. A Tiny Seed Of Love Was Sown10-6-2012169310-6-2012
25. "That It Will Never Come Again, Is What Makes Life So Sweet"11-3-2012169311-3-2012
26. “Where’s the Pun in that” - Acrostic - (Musketeers 26th Challenge)11-30-201299611-30-2012
27. "The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of Life"1-8-20137811-8-2013
28. “Unit 4 plus 2” (Andy’s 28th Inspirational Challenge)3-12-201310273-12-2013
29. "Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing" 3-13-201311743-13-2013
30. No Man is an Island (30th Musketeers Title Challenge)4-9-201310144-9-2013
31. "One Cannot Educate the Human Heart” (31st Challenge)5-8-201310995-8-2013
32. Hard To Swallow (32nd Musketeers Inspirational Challenge)6-18-201310036-18-2013
33. Wing and a Prayer (Musketeers Challenge # 33)7-14-20139907-14-2013
34. Zero Covers All (34th Musketeers Challenge)8-22-20138748-22-2013
35. This Afternoon All Clocks Went Wrong9-9-201312039-9-2013
36. Embrace the Uncertainty of Life (36th Musketeers Challenge)10-6-201393310-6-2013
37. "If Ever I Must Sing As Poets Have” (37th Musketeers Challenge)11-7-201395111-7-2013
38. If Adversity Gets the Better of You (38th Musketeers Challenge) 12-7-201384312-7-2013
39. The ‘Charles A. Sides’ Memorial Challenge (Bunny Wabbits) 1-6-201411151-6-2014
40. The ‘Charles A. Sides’ Memorial Challenge (The 100 mph GOAT)1-7-201410361-7-2014
41. The ‘Charles A. Sides’ Memorial Challenge (The Dreaded “Honey Do”)1-7-20147981-7-2014
42. The ‘Charles A. Sides’ Memorial Challenge (“If it ain't fun, then it ain't us”)1-8-20146861-8-2014
43. The ‘Charles A. Sides’ Memorial Challenge (The Bobcat and the Snake)1-8-20147661-8-2014
44. Everyone Has a Secret (40th Musketeers Challenge)2-6-20147302-6-2014
45. "My Life, a Book without Pages" (41st Musketeers Challenge)3-11-20148153-11-2014
46. "When the Sun illuminates, upon the Sapphire Skies" (42nd Musketeers Challenge)5-7-20148045-7-2014
47. ‘The Great Escape’ (from home) ‘D-Day’ Challenge #436-9-20147106-9-2014
48. "We build too many walls and not enough bridges" (44th Challenge)8-3-20145388-3-2014
49. "We're all on a journey” (45th Musketeers Challenge)8-15-20145928-15-2014
50. We live in times of ‘Deep Regret’ (Musketeers 46th Challenge)9-8-20146689-8-2014
51. “WHOM THE CAP FITS, LET HIM WEAR IT” (47th Musketeers Challenge)10-8-201476910-8-2014
52. Of Scars and Stories (48th Musketeers Challenge)11-7-201458611-7-2014
53. “Traditions for my Christmas Soul” (Musketeers 49th Challenge)1-7-201560412-5-2014
54. "Hands across the Sea" (50th Anniversary Challenge)1-7-20157361-7-2015
55. My Train (of thought) is now Running Faster - 51st Musketeers Challenge2-9-20156802-9-2015
56. “Without I write, I would remain dumb!” - (52nd Musketeers Challenge)3-7-20155813-7-2015
57. Musketeers Challenge #53 “Memorial for Bob Macchia”4-17-20156104-17-2015
58. Musketeers Challenge #53 “Memorial for Bob Macchia”4-19-20155844-19-2015
59. "Seize not my Treasure.........." (54th Musketeers Challenge)5-7-20156195-7-2015
60. Seize Not my Treasure from Me........(2) - (54th Musketeers Challenge)5-9-20156165-9-2015
61. Musketeers Challenge #55 (Out of wreckage and destruction, springs a welcome sprig of hope)6-8-20155626-8-2015
62. “With pen in hand, my thoughts I give” (56th Musketeers Challenge)7-7-20155807-7-2015
63. "My page is a canvas...." (The Musketeers Challenge #57)8-6-20157918-6-2015
64. The ‘Mary Anne Shovlin’ Memorial Challenge (#58)9-4-20159499-4-2015
65. Mary Anne Shovlin Memorial Challenge (#58) 'Realise your Dreams'9-6-20157329-6-2015
66. "Light A Candle..." 59th Musketeers Challenge10-10-201563310-10-2015
67. Musketeers 60th Challenge - “....STILL, IF I COULD WISH...."11-8-201548811-8-2015
68. Bah Humbug! (Christmas is coming) - 61st Musketeers Challenge12-7-201553012-7-2015
69. Tis the Season (let us be kind) 61st Musketeers Challenge12-8-201553112-8-2015
70. In All Probability (The 62nd Musketeers Challenge)1-6-20165841-6-2016
71. "A Working Class Hero is Something to Be" - (Jimmy Reid) - (Musketeers Challenge # 63)2-8-20165492-8-2016
72. Is Too Much Knowledge A Dangerous Thing? - (The Musketeers Challenge # 64)3-8-20168703-8-2016
73. 'The Narrator for the Spaces in between' (The Musketeers Challenge #65)5-8-20164854-19-2016
74. - (The Musketeers Challenge # 66) - "Inside every older person...."5-8-20164375-8-2016
75. "If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it" (Musketeers Challenge # 66)5-19-20165225-19-2016
76. “...in your room of gentle love, on that delicate round table of your kindness…" (67th Challenge)6-6-20165506-6-2016
77. The Musketeers Challenge # 68 (“I walk like I’ve got oil wells, pumping in my living room’’) 7-7-20166547-7-2016
78. 69th Musketeers Challenge "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on" 8-8-20166028-8-2016
79. "WHAT MAKES A POET SING" (Musketeers Inspirational Challenge #70)9-7-20164899-7-2016
80. 'The inner child - its influence on our past, present and future' (Musketeers Challenge #71)10-7-201646810-7-2016
81. “Laugh and the World Laughs with You" - (Musketeers Challenge #76)5-2-20174465-2-2017
82. I don’t know much, but I know ‘I Love You’ (Musketeers Challenge #77)5-9-20174365-9-2017
83. "On the ‘Sands of Time’ I place my print" (Musketeers Challenge) #786-9-20174136-9-2017
84. "For only a strong Woman knows how to let go of her problems" - (Musketeers Challenge) #797-11-20173677-11-2017
85. "Happy to be born a human, for the love of God and Man" (The Musketeers Challenge) #808-7-20173618-7-2017
86. Goodbye - (for dear Marie) - Memorial Challenge (#81)10-9-201740510-9-2017
87. The Life So Short, The Crafts So Long To Learn” (Musketeers Challenge) #8211-7-201731211-7-2017
88. “His gift of You to Me” - (Musketeers Challenge) #8312-9-201733912-9-2017
89. Three things cannot be hidden for long: The Sun, the Moon and the Truth." (Musketeers Challenge) #841-16-20183561-16-2018
90. "El Orrance" - The Musketeers Challenge (#85)2-9-20183612-9-2018
91. "The Rhythm of Life" (Musketeers Challenge) #863-11-20183543-11-2018
92. "Who could ask for anything more" (Musketeers Challenge) #86 - (take 2)3-17-20182853-17-2018
93. "Once was I" - (Memorial Challenge)5-27-20182964-12-2018
94. "The Best Laid Spans" (Memorial Challenge) for 'JJ'5-27-20183674-15-2018
95. "My beloved, who proffered her hand" - (Musketeers Challenge) #885-27-20182945-27-2018
96. Memorial (of thought) - Musketeers Challenge #896-8-20182726-8-2018
97. "One of Life's Greatest Gifts” (Musketeers Challenge)#907-17-20182717-17-2018
98. "No Song Unsung" - (Musketeers Challenge) #918-9-20182858-9-2018
99. 'Fitba' Karma - Musketeer Challenge (#92)10-6-201823710-6-2018
100. "I too have become a Poet at heart...on hearing...Love's...first sweet notes!" (#93 Challenge)10-17-201828310-17-2018
101. A Bonafide Refrain (Musketeers Challenge) #9411-14-201827111-14-2018
102. "The Christmas Craze" (Musketeers Challenge) #9512-9-201824112-9-2018
103. "Every heart sings a song incomplete, until.............." - (Musketeers Challenge) #961-9-20192281-9-2019
104. "and you'll go fly your Magic Carpet, far above the sky." (Musketeers Challenge) #972-11-20192432-11-2019
105. "For there are many great deeds done in the small struggles of life.” - (Musketeers Challenge) # 983-8-20192653-8-2019
106. Diversity (in Common Law) Musketeers Challenge #995-5-20191805-5-2019
107. (Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "A Daddy's Love" - (for Roy)6-2-20191615-19-2019
108. (Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "I Walked a Path"- (for Roy)6-2-20191445-22-2019
109. (Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "If ever I must sing" - (for Roy)6-2-20191385-25-2019
110. (Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "There is no you" - (for Roy)6-2-20191465-26-2019
111. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "Our Special Place" - (for Roy)6-2-20191425-31-2019
112. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "Things She Loved" - (for Roy)6-2-20191166-2-2019
113. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "A Clown's Sad Sonnet" (for Roy)6-9-20191486-9-2019
114. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "To err is Human, to forgive Divine" - (for Roy)6-16-20191346-16-2019
115. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "What could have been" - (for Roy)6-18-20191056-18-2019
116. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "We Gaelic Folk" - (for Roy)6-18-20191096-18-2019
117. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "My Life, a Book without Pages" - (for Roy)6-19-20191366-19-2019
118. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "The Big Question" - (for Roy)6-20-20191356-20-2019
119. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "A Graveside Prayer" (for Roy)6-22-20191866-22-2019
120. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "Twould better been" - (for Roy)6-24-20191496-24-2019
121. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "My Poetry" (for Roy)6-30-20191866-30-2019
122. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "With Pen in Hand" (for Roy)7-3-20191297-3-2019
123. (Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - "Farewell" - (for Roy)7-15-2019907-15-2019