"Celebrating Mothers in our World " by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Title: Celebrating Mothers in our World

Author: Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

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Type: Book of Poems


Poems that raise tributes to a mother or mothers, poems that remember what they have done to their children and what their children have learned from them.


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1. Dear Mother From Your Child 11-15-201195411-9-2011
2. Mothers in the World 11-15-20119068-7-2011
3. MOTHER THERESA11-15-201114645-30-2011
4. My Daughter Is Marching Today 11-15-201117266-25-2010
5. MOTHER ON HER KNEES 11-15-201112945-13-2010
6. MOTHERS, WE SALUTE YOU!11-15-201141715-9-2010
7. WHEN A CHILD MOVES OUT 11-15-201157394-27-2010
8. My Daughter Comes Home Today11-15-201119078-19-2009
9. Women, Who Are You?11-15-201116292-8-2009
10. Congratulations, Jenny! 10-19-20164011-18-2014
11. Footprints During Anna's Graduation 10-19-20168596-18-2012
12. When Children Move Out as Priceless Jewels 10-19-201620426-20-2011
13. WHAT IS THE SECRET OF YOUR LIFE,MOTHER? 10-19-20167086-22-2011