"Tributes" by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Title: Tributes

Author: Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

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Type: Book of Chapters


Poems and blogs that honor the lives and memories of important people in our own lives and in history


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1. MOTHERS, WE SALUTE YOU!6-3-201041675-9-2010
2. In Every Woman, A Diana 6-3-2010145910-18-2009
3. Obama, Obama, Barack Obama6-3-20109469-21-2009
4. A Tribute to Kamalesh Biswas 6-3-2010230311-8-2009
5. Congratulations, Fogh 6-3-201013968-21-2009
6. Teacher, Teacher 6-3-201062066-12-2009
7. A Tribute to the Filipino People, EDSA Revolution 6-3-201077874-23-2009
8. Congratulations to Elisa!6-3-201015773-7-2009
9. A Tribute to Michael Jackson6-3-20108708-15-2009
10. BROTHER ROGER OF TAIZE'6-3-201012625-16-2010
11. Congratulations to the Great Queen of Denmark 6-3-201024154-16-2010
12. REMEMBERING THE KING OF THE POP7-7-201021816-27-2010
13. Mahatma Gandhi and the Ganges River 3-24-2011343410-12-2010
14. MOTHER'S FACE 4-16-201127884-16-2011
15. C.S.Lewis8-4-20119188-4-2011
16. To Nelson Mandela12-27-201355412-16-2013
17. Qunu, South Africa12-27-201354012-15-2013
18. John Lennon, Our Working Class Hero! 2-14-20166412-9-2016
19. Tribute to Bishop Arendt 12-29-20163748-25-2015