"A Bouquet of Oriental Poems" by Rajaram Ramachandran, India

Title: A Bouquet of Oriental Poems

Author: Rajaram Ramachandran, India

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Type: Book of Chapters


This book represents a collection of all my poems written from the year 1965 till the year 2010. Most of them have been posted in voicesnet earlier.


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1. A Tear for a Bird6-3-201035568-16-2008
2. The Best Smile6-3-201021638-16-2008
3. Know the Game of Life6-3-201021398-16-2008
4. Marriage is made in heaven6-3-201021078-16-2008
5. A cow tells its story6-3-201011358-16-2008
6. A do-before-danger fish6-3-201021888-16-2008
7. A Driftwood I'm6-3-201021528-16-2008
8. A Golden Cage6-3-201028328-16-2008
9. A Lesson to Ponder Over6-3-201013238-17-2008
10. A Recipe for a good Destiny6-3-201011138-17-2008
11. A Song of the World6-3-201010138-17-2008
12. A Stone's Confession6-3-201010028-17-2008
13. An advivce to a restless mind6-3-201014108-18-2008
14. Carrot and Stick6-3-201022178-18-2008
15. Black or White, The Blood is Red6-3-201010508-18-2008
16. Unity of the Elements6-3-201026508-18-2008
17. Do or Don't, It's in our hands6-3-20109258-19-2008
18. Double Life6-3-201018828-19-2008
19. Is Religion Necessary?6-3-201010848-19-2008
20. Life isn't a bed of roses6-3-201022528-19-2008
21. A Pleasure in the Pain?6-3-201013308-20-2008
22. Laughter is the best medicine6-3-201022028-20-2008
23. Our Mother Earth6-3-201021598-20-2008
24. Peace or war, it's for you to decide6-3-201021948-20-2008
25. Birth and Death Cycle6-3-201015548-21-2008
26. Hunger the Pang6-3-201013608-21-2008
27. Habits die hard6-3-201021748-21-2008
28. Man, Know your limit6-3-201013758-21-2008
29. An Indian Marriage Scene6-3-201020169-3-2008
30. A melodrama in a T.V. Channel6-3-201010839-4-2008
31. Peace be with you (Latin-Pax Vobiscum)6-3-201021539-4-2008
32. Religion in the eyes of a dove6-3-201014719-5-2008
33. The foster mother's love6-3-201028319-6-2008
34. A Mother's Wings6-3-201019259-6-2008
35. The Wasted Tears 6-3-201026329-7-2008
36. Unity in Diversity6-3-2010415199-8-2008
37. An Universal Religion6-3-201025199-8-2008
38. All're equal in a country 6-3-201015019-8-2008
39. The greatest wonder in the World!6-3-201010499-9-2008
40. The Unfathomable Ocean6-3-201014869-10-2008
41. The Haunted House6-3-201011779-11-2008
42. A Silver lining in the Darkest Cloud6-3-201013439-12-2008
43. The Public Opinion6-3-201010549-13-2008
44. Parable of the Prodigal Son6-3-201022039-14-2008
45. The Life of Jesus Christ6-3-201014709-15-2008
46. I'm a discarded drop out6-3-20108739-16-2008
47. Light of Knowledge6-3-20109769-16-2008
48. A Mother of Downtrodden6-3-201010189-17-2008
49. No Loss No Gain6-3-201027679-18-2008
50. The Balance of Life and Death6-3-201014869-19-2008
51. Seed first or Tree first6-3-20108619-20-2008
52. A day for the Lord6-3-20107699-21-2008
53. In Quest of Truth6-3-20108709-22-2008
54. The Division of Labor6-3-201010959-23-2008
55. Is Paper Vegetable Fit For Cooking?6-3-20109329-24-2008
56. Where art ends love begins.6-3-20108339-26-2008
57. Why you've fear, when I'm here?6-3-20108599-26-2008
58. An Example is Better Than Precept6-3-2010140810-2-2008
59. What is Love?6-3-201082910-3-2008
60. Who is superior?6-3-201074410-4-2008
61. The Superior Love6-3-2010105210-15-2008
62. Idiom, Idiotic or Funny Words6-3-2010310010-16-2008
63. All in One!6-3-201093410-18-2008
64. The Heart of America and the Soul of India6-3-201091910-19-2008
65. A Miser's Tale6-3-2010108410-21-2008
66. The Environmental Influence6-3-201074710-22-2008
67. A Lawyer's Joke6-3-201087810-23-2008
68. The Eve Teaser6-3-201092810-24-2008
69. Cancer,The Killer Disease6-3-201086410-25-2008
70. What's Not Music?6-3-201072510-26-2008
71. Debit the Window Side6-3-201080110-27-2008
72. Who discovered the mirror?6-3-201071510-28-2008
73. Girls or Boys, Educate them.6-3-201089810-30-2008
74. The Village School Master6-3-2010204410-30-2008
75. The Silent Majority6-3-201094010-31-2008
76. A Frog in the Well6-3-2010108611-1-2008
77. A Granny's Story of Three Sages6-3-2010102611-2-2008
78. Never advise a fool6-3-2010126111-3-2008
79. The Dignity of Labour6-3-2010987711-4-2008
80. Who is Superior?6-3-2010125511-5-2008
81. My Juhu Beach Walk6-3-2010101911-6-2008
82. A Story of Funny Students6-3-201073411-7-2008
83. The Way to Heaven6-3-2010132611-8-2008
84. The Golden Days of Students6-3-201085011-9-2008
85. The Tears of Pearl and Silk6-3-201094811-10-2008
86. The Depth of Laziness6-3-201085711-11-2008
87. The Tears Wasted6-3-201075111-12-2008
88. The Untamable Shrew6-3-2010146411-13-2008
89. Thousand Lies For A Good6-3-201080111-14-2008
90. Never A Drug-addict Be6-3-201093711-15-2008
91. Time And Tide Waits For No Man6-3-2010577411-16-2008
92. Mom or Son, Who is guilty?6-3-201093411-17-2008
93. How humble one should be?6-3-201089611-18-2008
94. A Timetable for a Life6-3-2010102111-20-2008
95. What is in a profession?6-3-201075211-21-2008
96. The Day the Earth stands still6-3-201086511-24-2008
97. Blessed are the poor!6-3-20109532-18-2010
98. WHY 'UPS' AND 'DOWNS'?7-5-201010607-4-2010
99. A Prayer from a Suffering Soul8-11-20119998-11-2011