"Love and Hope" by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Title: Love and Hope

Author: Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

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Type: Book of Chapters


Inspirational poems on love as the balm and hope as a beacon of light pressing us on to keep on.


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1. Light of the World5-23-2010756710-6-2009
2. Love, Acrostics5-23-201036633-8-2009
3. Love5-23-201016603-8-2009
4. Love in its Purity 5-23-201019121-30-2010
5. Four Kinds of Love and Happy Valentine`s Day 5-24-201027481-28-2010
6. Fear To Love5-24-201026619-12-2009
7. Find Me A Valentino, Febuary 145-24-201012172-7-2010
8. A Psalm of Hope 5-24-20109903-6-2010
9. Life`s Polarities 5-24-201010451-22-2010
10. TO BE LOVED6-26-20108756-26-2010
11. Oh, Wake Me Up To A New Day Of Love3-24-20119463-12-2011
12. Hope When We Gather 3-24-2011125412-8-2010
13. “WHEN TWO HEARTS BEAT AS ONE "11-14-201129326-30-2011
14. LOVE BEYOND MEASURE 11-14-201143405-24-2011
15. Just a Pinch of Love10-27-2012163610-26-2012
16. When Love Is Butchered 6-18-20138925-24-2013
17. LOVE, Can You Tell Me? 2-15-20163302-14-2016