"Let Us Navigate Poetry " by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Title: Let Us Navigate Poetry

Author: Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

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Type: Book of Chapters


This collection contains poems, written as response to the given title challenges of some VN friends.


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1. ”I Hesitantly Walk through the Portal, Not Knowing What Lies Ahead” 6-12-201211016-2-2012
3. "Per Ardua ad Astra, Through Struggles To the Stars" 6-12-20128482-6-2012
4. "Just Give Me A Cowboy Poet" 6-12-2012103811-12-2011
5. THE RISE AND FALL OF NOTES6-12-2012117610-20-2011
6. "The Child Is the Father of Man"6-12-20129009-16-2011
7. "WHEN I LET GO OF WHAT I AM, I BECOME WHAT I MIGHT BE“6-12-201210627-26-2011
8. “WHEN TWO HEARTS BEAT AS ONE "6-12-201230056-30-2011
9. "Fragrance of Virtue Rises to Heavens" 6-12-201213495-18-2011
10. Where the Wind Blows, There Falls the Seed6-12-201211562-28-2011
11. We May Be Lying in the Gutter But We Are Looking up at the Stars 6-22-201212311-7-2012
12. Dreams Aspire to Reach the Sky, ”When Doves Fly”7-28-201217657-28-2012
13. “Let Your Life Lightly Dance..."9-6-201214099-6-2012
14. "A Tiny Seed of Love Was Sown "10-9-201288410-5-2012
15. Gloria, Excelsis Deo 1-5-2013142512-2-2012
16. "That It Will Never Come Again Is What Makes Life So Sweet" 1-5-201372011-4-2012
17. Forty Two (29th Title Challenge)5-26-20137662-6-2013
18. Drink from the River of Silence5-26-20136723-11-2013
19. ”No Man Is an Island”5-26-20137764-10-2013
20. "The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of Life" 5-26-20136891-5-2013
21. Boulevard 42 on Valentine's Day (29th title challenge) 5-26-20135862-12-2013
22. "One Cannot Educate the Human Heart" 5-26-20135925-17-2013
23. "Mountains of Convictions " (Acrostic) 6-18-20138836-18-2013
24. “This Afternoon All Clocks Went Wrong” 9-17-20137709-9-2013
25. “ If Ever I Must Sing, as Poets Have” 11-16-201360911-8-2013
26. ”Embrace the Uncertainty of Life”11-16-201386110-11-2013
27. "Too Lightly on Life’s Scale, Compassion Weighs"11-16-20136944-4-2012
28. “When Adversity Gets the Better of You!”12-28-201363212-9-2013
29. If I Were an Ornament on a Christmas Tree 12-28-201372011-25-2013
30. "Zero Covers All"12-28-20136128-9-2013
31. Thelma/Betty4-7-20145694-5-2014
32. "My Life, a Book Without Pages"4-7-20145793-7-2014
33. What Are Secrets For? (2nd entry to the 40th title challenge) 4-7-201412352-10-2014
34. "Everyone Has a Secret"4-7-20146572-6-2014
35. D-Day and the Battle in Normandy 6-23-20145206-13-2014
36. "We Build Too Many Walls and Not Enough Bridges"8-15-20144888-2-2014
37. "We're all on a Journey"8-15-20147518-11-2014
38. "When the Sun Illuminates the Sapphire Sky"8-15-20146605-8-2014
39. "Traditions for my Christmas Soul"12-9-201458212-8-2014
40. "Traditions for my Christmas Soul" (2) 12-13-201463412-13-2014
41. My Canvas, my Brush and a Portrait of Us8-6-20156168-5-2015
42. "With Pen in Hand, My Thoughts I Give"8-6-20158707-8-2015
43. "Out of Wreckage and Destruction, Springs a Welcome Sprig of Hope" 8-6-20155446-8-2015
44. “Seize Not my Treasure from Me because I’m Too Great to Crawl at Your Feet”8-6-20155745-17-2015
45. ”Seize not the Treasure from Us”8-6-20157585-13-2015
46. "Without I Write, I Would Remain Dumb "8-6-20156993-8-2015
47. "My Train Is Running at its Fastest"8-6-20159542-8-2015
48. “Narrator of Spaces in Between”4-22-20166424-22-2016
49. "Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing"4-22-20166383-8-2016
50. John Lennon, Our Working Class Hero! 4-22-20166722-9-2016
51. "Be Kind to One Another" 4-22-201684712-17-2015
52. "Light a Candle..." 4-22-201657810-7-2015
53. "If the World Seems Cold to you, Kindle Fires to Warm It ." 6-26-20165466-16-2016
54. “...in your room of gentle love, on that delicate round table of your kindness…"6-26-20164386-14-2016
55. Of Victims and Victors …6-26-201660811-13-2015
56. What Makes a Poet Sing? 9-11-20167089-11-2016
57. "When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot in it and hang on"9-11-20165418-12-2016
58. " I walk like I have oil wells pumping in my living room" 9-11-20164697-20-2016
59. The Inner Child in Us 10-19-201640510-14-2016
60. ”The Last Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back”11-8-201642911-8-2016
61. “A Solitary Figure on the Shore “3-15-20174551-7-2017
62. ”…Treasures Beyond Measure”3-15-20174682-17-2017