"Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Poems" by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Title: Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Poems

Author: Linda Bates Terrell, USA

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Type: Book of Poems


In 2008 I started writing a Thanksgiving poem, I read on of a fellow poet and it was fun to create it. Now I continue the festive write, by writing one of each every year. In this "Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Poems" Collection you will see a few of the ones I've written.


#Poem TitleAdded to
1. Christmas Lies! 10-3-2012135912-22-2011
2. Merry Christmas All ! 10-3-201282012-24-2011
3. Christmas Tree Of Love10-3-2012435912-12-2011
4. I'd Be So Glad If Santa Was My Dad10-3-201297612-5-2011
5. That Thorny Old Christmas Tree10-3-201295012-4-2011
6. The Twelve Days Of Christmas (my version)10-3-2012189112-4-2011
7. Another Christmas Chaos10-3-2012139211-7-2011
8. CHRISTMAS JOY AT OUR HOUSE10-3-2012122111-6-2011
9. Lord, Please Let Santa Come To Our House! 10-3-2012109410-31-2011
10. One Night Before Christmas10-3-2012130010-21-2011
11. On A Cold Christmas Night 10-3-2012107010-20-2011
12. Santa No Beer This Year!10-3-2012130112-19-2009
13. Santa Is Really Skinny and Thin10-3-2012206412-19-2009
14. Christmas Day to Pray10-3-2012139412-17-2009
15. Christmas Frolic10-3-2012137712-15-2009
16. Santa's Good Girl10-3-2012168911-8-2009
17. The Turkey's in the Oven, And that is that!10-3-2012178411-22-2010
18. Cwismus at our house, is so much fun!10-3-2012155711-23-2010
19. Christmas Is Here!10-3-2012138012-6-2010
20. Santa's Christmas Chimney Slide! 10-3-2012221411-28-2011
21. OUR CANDY CANE CHRISTMAS10-3-2012133011-13-2011
22. A Thanksgiving Day Disaster 10-4-201279410-4-2012
23. Santa--- Where'd You Go?11-17-201257711-15-2012
24. Who's Pull'n Santa's Sleigh?11-17-201268911-14-2012
25. Where's The Key To Santa's Sleigh? 11-17-201259611-12-2012
26. Love In Three Gray Rocks. 11-17-20121611-16-2012
27. Another Thanksgiving Dinner Gone Bad 11-6-201367611-5-2013
28. The Year Santa Came To Our Back Door 11-29-201368211-29-2013
29. " If I could be an ornament on a Christmas tree I would be: " just for Westly. 11-29-201370011-26-2013
30. A Streetlights Star11-29-201369211-25-2013
31. Hester Tips Christmas. 11-29-20137911-2-2013
32. Santa's A Good Old Redneck Too. 11-29-201383612-20-2012
33. The Christmas Pickle Story 11-29-2013374712-17-2012
34. HOLIDAY COOKING---- BA HUMBUG 11-29-201364012-10-2012
35. Old Christmas Songs 11-29-201365712-13-2012
36. The Christmas Lights In Huntsville11-29-201370012-8-2012
37. Someday Santa 11-29-201369012-9-2012
38. Santa Sees It All! 11-29-201364612-5-2012
39. A Christmas Of Turkey Luck12-10-201371612-10-2013
40. An Immigrants Dream12-10-2013164712-4-2013