"Christmas Poems" by Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia

Title: Christmas Poems

Author: Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia

Views: 1160

Type: Book of Poems


All things Christmas.


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1. THE NIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS10-26-2012157211-21-2007
2. MEMORIES OF CHRISTMAS PAST10-26-2012247212-8-2007
3. WRITING CHRISTMAS CARDS10-26-2012225012-9-2007
4. SAD SANTA 10-26-20121980112-9-2007
5. THE FEEL OF IRISH CHRISTMAS10-26-2012250112-12-2007
6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JESUS10-26-2012166712-13-2007
7. DEAR MRS SANTA10-26-2012195712-18-2007
8. CHRISTMAS CHESS10-26-2012165812-21-2007
9. SANTA'S SET...10-26-2012368112-3-2008
10. QUESTIONS FOR SANTA10-26-2012116012-4-2008
11. CALLING ON SANTA FOR HELP10-26-2012111412-7-2008
12. MALACCA HERE I COME FOR XMAS 10-26-2012139012-8-2008
13. A JAPANESE SANTA'S RIDE (sedoka)10-26-2012136812-8-2008
14. SANTA WASTES NO TIME (minute)10-26-2012214712-8-2008
15. SANTA'S SECRETS10-26-2012156612-9-2008
16. MR GRINCH'S GLITCH10-26-2012115612-17-2008
17. OPEN HOUSE IN MALACCA XMAS 200810-26-20129711-2-2009
18. THE SEASON OF ADVENT10-26-2012362711-8-2009
19. THE ABC OF MERRY XMAS10-26-2012404111-15-2009
20. THE ABC OF HOLY CHRISTMAS10-26-2012455311-15-2009
21. GOING GAGA OVER GIFTS A-Z10-26-2012264512-2-2009
22. MOTHER MARY MUSES10-26-2012145612-10-2009
23. THE SHEPHERDS' STORY (christmas)10-26-2012813011-29-2010
24. THE WISE MEN'S TALE (christmas)10-26-2012458611-29-2010
25. MAMA SANTA CLEARS THE AIR10-26-2012120312-3-2010
26. WE ARE SANTA'S REINDEER10-26-2012157012-7-2010
27. MR SNOWMAN'S SECRETS10-26-2012182112-14-2010
28. A CHRISTMAS TREE'S WISH10-26-2012107412-16-2010
29. THE BIRTH OF JESUS (in anapestic tetrameter) 10-26-2012196810-3-2011
30. IT SOUNDS LIKE A MERRY CHRISTMAS (onomatopoeia)10-26-20121382811-14-2011
31. IT SOUNDS LIKE A HOLY CHRISTMAS (onomatopoeia)10-26-2012273611-14-2011
32. SANTA WENT BUMP IN THE NIGHT (onomatopoeia)10-26-2012241811-29-2011
33. SANTA TOLD ME …..10-26-2012225911-30-2011
34. WHAT’S UP WITH THE ELVES (onomatopoeia)10-26-2012130312-3-2011
35. Re: Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into (15)10-26-2012123412-10-2011
36. KING HEROD'S RANT10-26-2012175812-13-2011
37. AN XMAS CLERIHEW10-26-2012208712-28-2011
38. MUM’S XMAS JOY10-26-201276212-31-2011
39. THE VISITOR AT XMAS11-21-201286311-21-2012
40. A CHRISTMAS BALLADE11-25-2012107411-25-2012
41. SEASON’S GREETINGS (acrostics)12-1-2012124412-1-2012
42. CHRISTMAS WISHES12-5-201272812-5-2012
43. A THOUGHT FOR THE CHILDREN12-10-201271012-6-2012
44. A VISIT FROM THE GRINCH12-10-201287412-7-2012
45. TIPS FOR CHRISTMAS 12-10-201260512-10-2012
46. XMAS SECRETS THAT CHILDREN TELL12-13-201279212-11-2012
47. GUESS WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS? (double ethere)12-13-201289612-12-2012
48. XMAS BLOOPERS1-14-201375512-30-2012
49. XMAS GETAWAY1-14-201358512-30-2012
50. A BLEAK CHRISTMAS1-14-201384912-30-2012