"Inspirational Poems" by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Title: Inspirational Poems

Author: Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Views: 1396

Type: Book of Poems


Poems which invite readers to go a step forward in reaching out the ray of light, of hope and motivation to live and struggle. The inspiration can be in a form of prayer from the heart.


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1. Sleep and Close Your Eyes 11-23-201270111-23-2012
2. Wrestling with God11-23-2012132911-15-2012
3. Stars Above11-23-201287911-2-2012
4. My Lonely Guitar 11-23-201266911-19-2012
5. Wish for an Angel Tonight 11-24-2012108610-16-2010
6. Let Time Heal5-26-20136724-18-2013
7. Live and Shine5-26-20136332-5-2013
8. What Are Tears For?5-26-20135152-5-2013
9. What if I hadn't known you, Lord? 5-26-20135091-24-2013
10. Wanderings in the Wilderness12-27-201362612-13-2013
11. Think About It12-27-201352011-25-2013
12. Silence, a Privilige 3-6-20156492-14-2015
13. "If the World Seems Cold to you, Kindle Fires to Warm It ." 10-19-20165526-16-2016
14. “...in your room of gentle love, on that delicate round table of your kindness…"10-19-20164436-14-2016
15. Waiting and Hoping 10-19-20164236-1-2016
16. Whispers of Love 10-19-201648512-29-2014