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(First written Tuesday, June 10, 2008). Have always been interested in Life, humanity, philosophy etc. but seldom in politics. However, as I grow older my “involvement” in politics increases. Frankly, however, the first thing I am going to do is stop voting Labour! Brown and his new labour cronies are at best a waste of space. The Libdems are little better but unlikely to govern anyway, and the Tories, well… Someone on Question Time last week wittily said that the defeat at the next election will help Labour because then we will find out once more how dire the Conservatives are!

We seem to need a brand new party, called “People” or “Progressive” or something, to represent and work for us all. That’s about as good as I get on politics, but surely “Radical” (original meaning) enough. It’s what’s needed, and might just work. Nuff Said.

Been watching some programmes which postulate what would happen “after man”, i.e. if mankind suddenly came to an untimely end. Basically over a few hundred years or so all metallic things such as cars would rust away completely. All the buildings, bridges etc. would crumble, erode and collapse. Cities would be engulfed by a tangle of jungle and finally vanish.

All this begs the question: could this have happened already, in our distant past? Recently we have discovered that the world is much older than we previously thought. Not just a few thousand years: a few billion. So is it possible that Mankind is much older too? That there have been quite advanced civilisations in our distant past? Even thousands or millions of years ago! All rusted and eroded away. Atlantis springs to mind of course. Yet I suspect much more. Did aliens help us build the pyramids etc.? Probably we didn't need the help! Nuff Said. That's all for now folks. If people do read these blogs.

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