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(First written Friday, June 13, 2008). At the risk of repeating myself, I cannot stop remarking how often footballers slice their shots, especially by kicking on the inside of the ball. Little wonder they often go awry. When I play TT and tennis I strictly Avoid slicing or getting inside the ball when I attack. I usually play Outside the ball and Over it, sometimes with topspin. This gives me some of the Control needed to Consistently hit the target. In TT\tennis any “miss” loses you the point.

When I play football I tend to use the techniques above, which make me better at volleying etc. However, most football passes and shots are straight pushes or chips. A topspin shot is very rare. I suppose that’s simply because the top of your foot faces upwards, just right for the chip. Nonetheless I still think most footballers need to get their feet wrapped around the ball more, in the manner of a Beckham free kick. And of course they must get Over the ball when shooting. Nuff Said. Out.

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