Football: For The Better

a writing by Paul Butters

(Written Saturday, April 26, 2008). Just watched Chelsea beat Man. U. Bliss! Re football generally, the rules could still be better! For one, defenders should not be allowed to screen the ball over the goal-line without first touching the ball. To me screening the ball like that is obstruction. Touch the ball and you have possession.

Secondly we need to have an offside area, say a quarter pitch-length. Outside this area, a forward cannot be offside. There is also an argument for not applying offside once the ball has entered the offside area. And for getting rid of this non-participating nonsense. If you are offside you are offside, simple as that. You could also stop players from entering the goal area before the ball arrives there. In other words, remember we need to prevent “goal waiting”. Nuff Said. Out.

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