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(Long Lee. Mon. 10\11\08. 11.20). It might be about a year since I worked on my “best seller” – “Uniscape”. Have just checked: it is! Not to worry. Do I really need to write a best seller? Having taken early retirement (through ill health) I now have a pension of just over £10,000 per year. Do not need any funds from best sellers to support me. May write whatever I like. Without wishing to be arrogant, “getting published” is not the be all and end all of writing. From what I’ve seen of published literature, publication as such is only a minor endorsement at best. When I see authors getting published just because they are celebrities or for other dubious reasons, it almost makes my blood boil. I might as well self publish indeed.

Yet what to write about. That is the question. Sci Fi is really just my canvass. For what though? Maybe for me it’s all about Being Human. Existence. Religion. About exploring and asking questions. In many ways I am Mr. Average. Other ways I am not. My journey through life has been very typical, yet also unique. My “Paul White” idea looks relevant.

When I say “Mr Average” I of course refer to being male, heterosexual, white, middle to working class, ex professional, and so on. In fact I belong to many groups that have been favoured over the ages. I live in a relatively rich country too. My ethnic background is rather vague actually: but still good old Anglo-Saxon. I cannot honestly write from experience about being downtrodden etc. Only that my Mum’s ancestors were Huguenots. And my dad’s lot were “boat people”. For real angst you have to read the work of black female lesbian disabled ex slaves!

So what’s unique about me? That would be telling! I am of just above average intelligence and very lexic. Good at the arts and humanities but also at some of the sciences. Bad at woodwork, number, practical and mechanical\technical things. Sometimes useful with people, at other times inept. Still single... Hints of autism perhaps. Lover of music. Frustrated at not being a father etc. Not one for Relationships yet fundamentally Caring. In some ways rather complex: that’s where it could get interesting. Nuff Said Fer Now. Out.

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