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Been thinking about God again. Basically I do Believe that there are higher intelligences around other than us. Even if these intelligences did not create our universe, they are wonderfully powerful. Our scientists tell us that there are countless stars older than ours which probably harbour far more intelligent life forms.

There may even be a “God” that created our Universe. Whether God is a single being or a whole race of such beings is but a matter of detail. The Greeks, Romans etc. may have been right with their “deities”, or wrong, but who cares?

Anyway, I strongly suspect that our “Universe” is not the be all and end all. Better to talk of “Existence” consisting of “Realms” or some “Multiverse”. Look, our scientists have done fantastically well over recent centuries, but it would be supremely arrogant to claim they’ve discovered everything. There must be an awesome lot more for them to explore and reveal. There is almost bound to be something beyond our universe.

If we accept the concept of Time, then there must logically have been a point when “Existence” began, without intervention from some extant intelligence. The “Accident” theory must hold true. An Ultimate Intelligence nevertheless remains possible. What counts for us, however, is whether any higher intelligence will help us in our “plight”. That remains to be seen. Out.

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