Yet More Religion

a writing by Paul Butters

I cannot stop thinking about religion. About the possible existence and nature of God. I have a strong conviction that We humans are not the highest intelligence or “mentality” in Existence. Note I say “Existence”, of which our “Universe” is probably but a small part. I believe that there are countless higher intelligences. There may be a “premier league” of intelligences that operate at least throughout our galaxy. Also there may be an elite group of “forces” or “powers” around. And it is quite likely that the intelligent ones also wield all the power. The “Star Wars” phrase, “May The Force be with you!” seems most apt.

I Believe in God. However, I’m not convinced the human race has truly or fully found “Him”. Indeed I doubt God is a male. As a Creator, God is much more likely to be a female. Or even more probably a Hermaphrodite. Not necessarily just one being either. Quite possibly a Race (collective Deity?) of Gods.

For me though, all this is mere detail. What matters is that basically I have a good feeling about all this. For God or whatever seems to be fundamentally benevolent and Loving. However, S\he or They is\are keeping His\Her\Their distance and letting Us find our own way through life. The grammar gets difficult here! Such is God. Amen.

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