The Fountain of Youth Is...

a writing by Nancy Ellen Crossland

The quest for youth and beauty is as old as time. How fleeting is youth. Oh, to relive those carefree days of no worries about lines, puffiness or sagging skin. Youth is to be enjoyed with abandon- like skinny-dipping at the pond when you were a child, innocent, lighthearted, with only a desire of freedom.

Alas, the days of pond-dipping minus attire, is a memory of the past. Plastic surgery, Botox injections, liposuction, and on and on it goes. Why the need to be perfect for some, or “New and Improved” for others? I by no means criticize all those who venture into the world of nip and tuck. However, I am puzzled by the constant barrage of advertisements on the quest to look younger. Will you suddenly be transformed into a super hero, a god or goddess with mystical powers? I think not.

As we enter into the various stages of aging; childhood, youth, young adult, middle age, and elderly, I find beauty and renewed youth as the years advance. Yes, there are lines, sags and puffiness. But as you look around does wine not improve with age? And cheese? Look at nature. What about trees and flowers? When mature, do they not bloom more profusely?

So, in final analysis of the age old adventure of seeking the fountain of youth, I believe we all have it within us. It is found in character, wisdom, and acceptance of the cycle of life. What could be more beautiful?

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