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Acts Chapter 19 v 1-10. Paul lays hands on disciples of John the Baptist.

"Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?"

In this story we have an account of Paul coming across these believers, called deciples. He said to them;- "did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?"

Immediately the writer Luke is writing an account of the deciples who Paul found and Paul talks to about being believers themselves. They were believers in God but had not received the fullness of God in their lives. "No, the deciples reply, we have not really heard or realised that there is empowerment of the Holy Spirit." So Paul proceeds and there is a phenomena that happens, which is that they begin to speak a spiritual language the gift of tongues, they begin to prophesy, speaking out in the spirit and declaring the glories of God. The Holy Spirit comes upon them, its tangible and demonstrative, something supernatural happens, they are empowered.

We can be Christians, we can believe in God, in Jesus Christ, go to church, sing great songs, be happy and clappy, but still miss out on the annointing of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit to open, empower, fill and flood our lives and empower us in the gifts of God so that we can live christian lives. We may not be perfect, but can allow ourselfs to be perfected, to be changed day by day. Many believers have settled for far less even reaching at certain times where the fire has gone out. The fire goes dim and like a coal theres not even a glowing ember. Some of us are like that, some of us believe in God but have so little on the inside and the danger is that we can settle for so much less.

As a Charismatic Pentecostal I believe it has to be done a certain way and the Holy Spirit can work in whatever way. Jesus shared with the man Nicodemus; "You have to be born again," with a reply from Nicodemus; " Well how can I be born again?" "Spiritually" Jesus said. Nicodemus asked;- "How can I go back into my mothers womb?" With a reply from Jesus; "No you've got the wrong point, you must be born of the Holy Spirit." Empowered supernaturally by the Holy Spirit! The wind blows where he wills, the Holy Spirit brings life how he wants! We have to be people to allow him to flow and flood our lives.

In this story Paul comes across a group of believers, but they did not know the supernatural release of the Holy Spirit in their lives. It is possible for you to be a believer and love God, but theres something more, something deeper and its the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps a christian has gone a bit dim by the wayside, maybe bogged down that that does'nt work and God does'nt do this, he can't do that, maybe we've been disappointed, maybe we're hurt, reasons why the fire can grow dim. When Paul explained to them, the Holy Spirit is here so that we can live empowered lives, not perfect but changed from good to glory and able to live the christian life so to be able to know the fullness of God in our lives, they began to declare the wonders of God.

Where are you? All is possible an empowerment that is for all, a gift to everyone. Who so ever believes, Jesus says come! Overflowing by the presence of the Holy Spirit!

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