a writing by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad

• Root of all self doubt is the ego. If you trust in your soul instead, the word
‘ impossible ‘is never heard even in a whisper!
• Seek solace in self-absorption. The solace which follows is an absolute necessity for creation.
• The greatest thoughts which propagate goodness all around have their origin in selflessness
• You only live twice: the first time when you are in deep love; the second time when you regain your long -lost love!
• You think of yourself last; you will reach God first!
• Valor mints its own coin: you invariably find sacrifice on the other side! Besides you will never find a counterfeit coin! Not even in a life time!
• A seeker of truth found the abode of peace and stopped his sojourn; there cannot be a better place than this! This has to be reigning kingdom of truth!
• A lie uttered is echoed in many hills and valleys; one who whispers truth in another’s ear is never heard, but always remembered by one and all!
• If you want to be remembered, make people recall the number of times you have made their children smile!
• The musician has finished playing his master piece; a sleeping infant wakes up; the Goddess of music smiles enchantingly!
• Ten fingers are all that a man has got: Any man who has helped ten desolate people in their hour of need has grabbed God with both hands!
• Rain drops! Can they fall from heaven? Indeed when they become honey, and find a hiding place in a flower!
• One corruption differs from another in only the details; the principle remains the same!
• A cry in the wilderness is the mother of all sublime poetry! Only the poets hear it and pause to think of it! When they soak it up with their souls, poems are born.

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