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Sometimes we are privileged in knowing a very special person. Someone who exhibits all the qualities we wish we possessed; patience, fortitude, kindness, deep spirituality, faith in our convictions and a sense of humor. Most of us probably possess some of those traits, however, consistent and over a lifetime I believe, would be difficult to maintain.

I have been privileged to know one special individual. She is blessed with a wonderful smile that would warm the bleakest day along with a light lilting laugh. She is a true joy. She also has a countenance about her that emits tranquility and peace. These traits were particularly exhibited during the time she cared for her mother who had been stricken with cancer. She witnessed the agony her mother experienced. Always she drew on her deep faith. Complaints were never found in her vocabulary. They were overtaken by love, faith and devotion. Pain at the loss of her mother was profound. However, she being a deeply spiritual person, accepted her passing drawing on her faith in God.

The past few years now she has had to face her own battle with cancer. Always optimistic with her sense of humor shining through alongside her faith has given her strength and courage. Her battle now is more challenging as her condition advances. But always she maintains that glint in her eye and her laughter though now weakened, but forever her sense of humor. Now added to her exceptional qualities are courage and acceptance in God's plan. Something we often dispute.

To those who know her, she truly is an angel on earth. She is a devoted wife, mother, sister and friend. She is a source of inspiration for all who know her. Knowing her has certainly enriched my life.

Please keep this angel in your prayers.

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