December Writing Contest Winner Announced

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December Writers Contest Winner Announced

Here is the winner in the December non-Poem writing contest, fresh from the mystery judge, a serious and talented writer.

"A Journey Through Darkness To Light" by Veena Khurana Khurana of India

Here are the comments provided by the judge who made the selection:

"... a blog submitted by, Veena Khurana from India, titled, 'A Journey Through Darkness To Light.'

Not only did she receive a number of supportive responses, it was plainly obvious to see why.

I felt her story was composed with sincerity and unadorned statements. This is a poignant real life expression into her 'journey' of self-discovery after having been widowed, and her manner in which she coped with the aftershock of this tragedy. This is, in my opinion, definitely a relatable topic for many.

Her positive outcome is a personal reminder to us all that with faith, self-belief and personal strive all may be achieved. A genuine write through the sharing of her pain and loss. The grammar of this piece is very acceptable to represent VN."

* * * * *

Veena will receive a $25 payment via paypal if she provides us with a valid paypal email.

All non-poem submissions to the site each month are automatically eligible for review for this contest.

Congratulations, Veena.

Thanks, mystery judge!

The VoicesNet Team

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