Baby Boomer Humor

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Baby Boomer Humor

I came from small town America and this is how it was.
Here are some of the things so many Baby Boomers went through. If you are a baby boomer do you recall these.

1. Many of us had to go to work at the ripe age of 14. Thinking a work permit was a very positive step toward our future. We go that accomplished feeling--- for less than $.50 cents per hour. A total of 3 to 5 dollars a week so we could buy school cloths in the fall.

2. Walking along the side of the road collecting dirty old pop bottles to sell back to the grocery for the high price of $.02 a piece, and dodging the ones thrown from vehicles passing by. This was enough to buy candy or pop our parents couldn't afford to buy, or refused to.

3. Sitting along side your mother or grandmother and learing to sew just to have to wear the dress you made to school, which she called your own design or creation. Knowing all the while no one else has one like it or would even want one like it. Well of course... it was so ugly and didn't fit right. Why would any one else want one like something so ugly, just to say it was a creation.

4. The boys--spent the summer lifting bails of hey on a local farm to make money to buy new school cloths, while building muscles because our generation learned to be tough, as were not fortunate enought to have bully laws back then.

5. The gals---working in the hot sun the whole day to de-tassel corn and getting an awful sunburn with blisters the size of lemons. Just to have your parent's say when you came in the door. "Well how was your day sweetheart?"

6. Do you remember riding on the back roads in that old beat up truck with the springs in the seat poking out, as your dad teaches you how to shift gears of a manual transmission and watching the look on his face when you miss 2nd gear. (Priceless)

7. Do you remember walking or riding a bike with your friends to a near by lake to swim, and yes of course (no lifeguards)and the fungus in the water that would give you a reoccuring ear infection for the rest of the summer.

8. Remember being sick, when you felt so bad...and the baby asprin was the only remedy. So your parents bave it to you 6 times a day for two weeks? Then a few days later were patiently waiting for all the excessive bleeding to stop from a scraped or scratched knee. Which was from the fall from that 26-inch bike (3 sizes to big) that we was trying to learn to ride while growing into it. You remember the one your dad said you could grow into because they refused to buy you more that one through your whole childhood.

9. Remember back when our parents believed that using caster oil was a cure the the blahs, as well as a smart mouth and the other simple remedies, when doctors cured their patients by recomending baking soda for indegestion, eczema, hiccups, brushing teeth, every thing that they could think of, even for washing cloths instead of giving you a $100.00 one time only perscription.

9. Remember when Mumps, Chickenpox, Measles, Miningitis, and Polio were the only reasons adults allowed kids to miss school? While no one thought of taking a vacation to Florida or Hawaii in the winter back then and withdrew their kids from school to do so.

11. Do you remember being pushed in a stroller by your older siblings, and they said it would be fun? As they let go of the stroller just to see if it would speed up faster going down hill.

12. Do you recall back when girls and boys got those famous home hair cuts and perms? Most always given by a realative or know it all neighbor. Girls with bangs 1/4 inch long. Perms with kinky curls that you believed was in your hair for life. Guys remember the stylish hair cuts with white walls over the ears? And most of all the snickers and chuckles from your friends as your parents was saying how nice you looked.

13. Do you recall what it was like before the laws were changed to protect kids from unsave toys? Well I do. Many baby boomers had near death experiences due to those old time unsafe practices. I still recall some of them, and (Thank God) for those laws.

13. And remember the most favorie of all. THE PRIZE...of all toys...Riding on metal skates that came with a key, that hooked onto your huge saddle oxford shoe soles. Then remember trying to avoid serious head concussins when they flipped you onto the sidewalk when they came off your shoe? Then possibly catching the key to the skates, (that was wore on a string around your neck),on a nearby tree? Oh and having that wonderful key, make any kid feel cool.

14. Do you recall after you grew up and had kids and your 3 year old child stood beside you as you drove before the seat belt law? When the pumpkin car seat didn't even require a seat belt.

15. Remember when you were a kid, and standing in the seat beside a parent, and then visiting the dentist from when your parents stopping to quick and the taste of the dusty dashboard was part of your lunch? And this was before seat belt laws.

These are many things that have changed over the years.
All in all most of us made it through those unsteady times. Our parents tried very hard but we managed to survive anyway.

So if you want to have a senior moment of fun...
When your grandkids are misbehaving. Hold up a bottle of caster oil. Explaing the man purposes it was used for back ino our day. Then when you are sure they fully understand it's uses, tell them an extra large dose was the cure of many a kids smart mouths back in the day. Watch the look on their faces.....Priceless!

By Linda Terrell
Edited March 12, 2011

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Flibber Flabber, Jibber Jabber.
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