Territorial Animals

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Yorkshire. Tues. 10\3\09. 11.15. Been writing a few blogs recently. Mainly about religion. Written lots of Confidential Journals over the past few years too. Nothing here in my actual "Journal" for a long while. Am not much of a political person, but let’s have some politics.

If some aliens looked down at us from outer space, they might comment about all the wrongs in our world. Our history is full of these wrongs. To me, once you occupy a land then you have the right to keep it. So it is wrong that we (British) took North America from the Red Indians, Canada from the French (who first grabbed it from the Indians), India from the eastern Indians, Australia from the Aborigines, New Zealand from the Kiwis, and so on. Could blog this. It is equally wrong that the Spanish took most of South America. “Colonisation” of this sort is wrong.

Taking this train of thought to the end of the line... Some would argue Ireland for The Irish, Palestine for the Palestinians, and so on.

A few years ago I saw an interesting programme on archaeology which included a look at Istanbul, in Turkey. Underneath a mosque they found an old Byzantine floor, showing clearly that Istanbul was originally an East Roman city once known as Constantinople. MMM.

Mind you, logically this probably makes my ancestors conquering invaders too. Or immigrants. The Butterses were probably Anglo Saxon and some of the Haresigns were reportedly Huguenots from Holland or France. Then again the Harrises on my dad’s side were maybe of Welsh origin. Who knows? Not me. Time for lunch. Out.

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