Disabled defined

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

March is disability awareness month in our United States.

In researching a few things this is what I have discovered.
Please keep an open mind as this is not written to judge or make fun of anyone disabled in any way.. I too am what I like to refer to as pre-disabled instead of disabled and at times wonder why the defination is like it is...

The dictionary's meaning is:

disable-------Make unable to perform a certain action. or injured permanently.

Disabled-------people who are crippled or otherwise physically handicapped.
or So badly injured to be unable to continue.
or incapcsitated by illness or injury.

Then I looked up related words of disabled--------this is what was listed...
handicapped, incapacitated, injured, out of action,
the most alarming one is "unfit." Unfit for what?
Life? Love? Day to day events? What is so different about a disabled person than any other person..
Being in a coma would be considered injured or incapacitated even out of action. But some that are disabled gradually worsen over the years..There for the years of a persons mild disabilites is not really a disability. In is just what I like to refer to as
Pre-disabiltiy...Like Pre-menopause...
The worst is coming but the word "Pre" actually defines (some) condiditons of disabiltiy..cancer for one, and types of mental illness.

Further in the article I read it was written not to refer to a disabled person as handicapped, but unfortunately impaired.

I wrote the poem "Disabled In Stride." Which tells of many disabled persons fighting the verbal put downs, stare's ect. of others, and how they sometimes don't let on of the real hurt inside and cry alone as it states in the end of the poem.

So if you have a minute or two this month and you are aquainted with someone who is disabled near you, whether it be mentally of physically. If they are a friend treat them as always. Just a simple jesture as sharing one anothers company can make someone's day...
Thanks to all of you for your comments...
Linda B Terrell

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