Happy Early Saint Patricks Day to all.

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Happy Saint Patricks Day to all of VoicesNet.com.

Saint Patrick---an Irish Saint.----he was Roman British born. An Apostle and Christian Patron Saint of Irland, An English missionary to Irland in the 5th century.

When he was sixteen he was captured, taken from his home in Whales, to be a kept slave to Ireland. He was in Ireland 6 years before escaping to return to his family
at age 22.
After entering the church he later returned to Irland to be a missionary. He had to have transulators, as he did not speak other languages fluently. He traveled many places to minister to the people and with him traveled any translator he could locate.
He worked many jobs. One was as a herdsman in Slemish County,Antrim Irland while he was a slave.

He was haunted by the fact he was uneducated but later learned languages to communicate with the many. It is known that he taught many, of the three gods ( known as Trinity ). He has never been proclaimed by the Pope as a Saint, but many Christian churches claim he was a Saint of Heaven.

In the United States on March 17,1716 the day the british forces under General Sir William Howe evacuated Boston during the American Revolutionary War The passward of the day at General George Washington Continental Army encampment was "Saint Patrick." the date was observed as the (Evacuation Day). It was considered an official holiday in Suffolk,County Massachusetts in our United States of America. Massachusetts has the most Irish ancestors of any state compared to the entire population of the USA. March 17, was said to be the death date of the nobel Saint Patrick.

So all in all the holiday represents two things Evacuation Day during the Revolutionary War and Saint Patricks death on his death date.
Either way it is celebrated by observing the color green on clothing and many other desplays. It is a representation of Irland in a way as Lephrechauns,four leaf clovers, ect are a part of the celebration..But it was celebrated by a feast back in in the times of George Washington.

So Happy Saint Patricks Day to all.

By Linda B Terrell
March 13, 2009

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