a writing by Nancy Ellen Crossland

Just outside a small town, a rather ordinary place, is a forest often visited by the locals and travelers as well. The appeal lies in the serene setting. Various trees, shrubbery and wildflowers are plentiful with trails meandering throughout the forest. Large rocks and boulders of varying sizes have been written on by couples proclaiming their love for each other. Further on, a few streams are sighted. Even wild strawberries and blackberries are abundant.

Through a small clearing as though fashioned by human hands, is a pond of the most sparkling clear water covered with lily pods. Colors are so vibrant they seem surreal. Lush grasses cascade around the pond appearing to offer protection. The water is never stagnant, as there is an underground spring constantly recirculating. It is a treasured oasis from the stress and worries of everyday life.

As lovely as the pond is during the daytime, the real fascination occurs after dark. It is a time when no one is present. Fireflies illuminate the pond above, but below the surface, colors burst forth in amazing streams of flashing rainbows that rise to a crescendo. It is like gazing at fireworks marking a celebration. Not just a pond hidden in a forest setting, it is a pond where all daydreams rest. They float there then sink to the bottom until such time those daydreams become a reality for those who dream.

It is a place of perennial renewal forever resurfacing and ready to be reclaimed by the daydreamer in all of us.

Nancy Ellen Crossland

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