From a Card Game

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Many years have passed since 1962. I have grown but still linger sometimes upon a memory or two...
Do you recall the card gave (Authors). It was first made known in the town of Salem about 1850. Then first published in 1861. It has been and still is a delightful game for children and adults.
There were names and pictures of the Author's faces, of the many authors; Oliver Twist, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Washington Irving, James Penimore Cooper, Robert Louis Steveson, Nathanial Hawthorne, Sir Walter Scott, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Louisa May Alcott.
At age 8 I had not a clue who Romeo and Juliet, Jeckle and Hyde, or even the book Little Women was. I played the game memorizing the faces and words on the cards of each well known author of the past.
In the days past this card game sold for 19 cents but a game like this one published in the 1900's sells for has high as $200. to $300 on ebay. Far cry from 19 cents. My Authors game was at Christmas gift one year.
I first had the experience of some one telling me just exactly what an author was. Yet my yearning to know more about them was hidden for many years on the back burner of my mind. I still have not read all of their works but only some.
This is the most amazing card game for children to introduct the worlds first well known authors and the amazing world of literature...
The hours we spent as kids playing that game could never measure up to Pac Man, Mario Bro's, or even Grand Theft Auto. What will kids wonder about years from now about those games?
Competition is a great emotion and the desire to accomplish something (to be the winner) is only normal for kids. I reacall dancing around in the living room while Ed Sullivan played when I beat my mom at the game of Authors.
I did not ever think at that time I would years later, to let the stories out of me onto paper some day. I just recall the excitement it brought and the fun we had many times playing. Wehn ever I had company I got out that little pack of cards and knew the fun it would bring.
Later in years when we would study these Authors I knew just a little about them, thanks to the card game we as kids played.
For what I got out of the 19 cent pack of cards could never be measured in just fun. Look where and what I have chosen to do today. Reading and writing poetry and books? Yes, and I love it.
Though I am or maybe never will be as famous as the ones listed on the cards. In my heart I feel a closeness to some of the experiences they must have encountered through the years. Is it possible to extend my gratitude to deck of cards, (not likely) of the faces, names, and works I admired so long ago. I do not know who bought me those cards but little did they know they struck a yearning inside me to be a poet and Author too. That is where my gratidude should go. If I only knew.

Linda B Terrell

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From a Card Game
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From a Card Game
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