a writing by Nancy Ellen Crossland

It was just a bit of paper nonchalantly tossed out the car window. There was no one around. No sign posted NOT to litter. He drove on pleased no one saw him. Funny. Jack always stressed how important it was to pick up trash when seen and dispose of properly. But in this case, it didn't really apply to him he thought.

Driving further nearing home, he noticed a large trash bag near the curb. He thought. Who would do that. Just toss it out in the street. As he turned down his own street several more bags were seen apparently randomly tossed aside. Pulling into the driveway more trash bags. Jack picked them up together infuriated.

Going into the house he called for his wife. "Suzanne, what is going on?" "Oh Jack, it's horrible!" "I can't believe it has come to this!" "It's all over the news, TV, everywhere"! Landfills across the country have run out of space. "Nowhere to dispose of the waste anymore!" "What will we do?"

Jack picked up the newspaper. There it was in big, bold black headlines: "Out of Room" dated September 20, 2050.
"They should have done more to prevent this from happening!" said Jack.

Nancy Ellen Crossland

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