Mother! Her wisdom!

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Mother! Her Wisdom!

I watched her as she held out her hand to me. So very
fragile with enlarged vain's bulging from them, as she, showing her age.
She smiled with that so familiar smile. The one that made
me feel like I had captured a miracle and held it out to her for her to grasp. As if age had diminished from her thoughts and she was a small child again with the same gleem in her eyes.
Mother I said. "Did you see the sunset this evening? Oh how beautiful it was. So very comforting the colors!"

"My dear," she replied as she rubbed her eyes.
"I have seen so many sunsets. It is the sunrises I enjoy most. Life, is like the sunsets and sunrises of days so quickly gone by. It is the beginnings (like the sunrise)that are most spectacular and the endings (like the sunset)so sad. Such is life too my dear. Youth is like the sunrise. Somedays rainy and gloomy with occasional illnesses.
But death, the ending of a long life (like the sunset at the end of a day) is bright with gladness and lovingly placed by God at the end of the day."
With that she smiled and laid back to look out the window at the darkness between the curtains, as I watched her smile fade, as she fell off to sleep.

Mothers day is coming soon and I have no mother to bestow kisses and hugs upon or buy a lovely card for. Nor buy a lavish or simple gift to give her. I do cherish her memory though, so deep within my heart.

Linda Terrell
April 28, 2009

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