National Poetry Month

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

This is National Poetry Month.....I have a few words on this. I just got off of Twitter and realized it was National Poetry Month..Where has the time was just Easter. I would like to say a few words about the famous James Whitcom Riley--who is one of my favoite poems..If I put one of his books and one of Emily Dickenson's in a basket and to choose it would be very difficult.. However Mr. Riley was from Indiana...He during his life gave so much...According to old family tales he had a little girl living with him that was the insperation of is book Little Orphan Annie.. Her name was Alice or Ally or so the tale goes.. Their family had some rough times and stayed with Mr. Riley.. He fashioned himself as Daddy Warbucks evidently in some way to the book he wrote..Amazingly enough this little girl was of distant relation to my ancestors or so the tale goes.
When he published the book (so it is told) the publishers changed the name from Alice to Annie...And so it went. I obtained this story through ancestors and If it is true who knows for sure..but it is just a bit of the delusion and excitement that Mr. Riley would have projected. According to tales he was a very generous man with children. There is a children's hospital in Indianapolis Indiana started my him. Riley Hospital just for children. So today I would like to spend just a short time to acknowledge this man who was a marvelous poet and writer in this month of April designated as National Poetry Month....
God bless all.
Maybe some day some of us will be as famous as many of the many many poets we so love to read their work..

Linda Terrell
April 30,2009

Rain Go Away
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
An Old Womans Temptation.
Rain Go Away
From The Beginning
An Old Womans Temptation.

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