humor for parents

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

A teenagers mother once left her daughter teen a note, giving her a quick lesson in reality after her daughter made some unreasonable demands for a new car from her parents at age fourteen....The note read:

Dear __________
I am so glad you have grown to be so responsible,
Since you are old enough now to get a job and work overtime, at your mature age of fourteen,
and even are willing to take care of me and dad now.

I want to thank you for the new car you are about to by me and your dad with your first pay check with all the over time on it!!!!!!
We will be awaiting the cars new arrival as we sit in the porch swing together resting.
Oh and be sure to put a big red bow on top,
as it would make you dad so pleased....It will match his shocked face to see his daughter is so eager to work all that over time for him....
Guess you realize now you won't be getting new car either hugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Mom & Dad
Linda Terrell

My grandma always said to us when we were teens
"To those of you who think you know everything
It is annoying to those of us who do..."

Hope this puts some humor in your day.
May 22, 2009

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