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The key word in the book of Daniel being: “Courage”; “Preservation.” The book of Daniel has several memorable stories illustrating the “courage” and commitmant of men who place their faith in God. The “preservation” of Gods people is assured for all who rely on him. The themes being that God works through the lives of people to accomplish His desires. Earthly kingdoms may rise and fall, but God and His word will last forever. If we will commit ourselves to God, good will triumph over evil in our lives, even our diets and eating habits. Only God knows all, sees all and hears all and thus only He is worthy of Lordship of our lives.

It was only this bank holiday weekend, Saturday 23rd May 2009 our family got together, at the time just to see each other for a moment or two. Being asked if interested in a drink, my straight response was a visit to our local Pub, “The Bulls Head” and have my favorite, a Guinness. There was no argument, all were prepared for a visit and all progressed. I do like The Bulls Head with its old style design, dark oak beams across the ceiling and from floor to ceiling, together with its white painted walls and artistic bar with a good selection of drinks. The atmosphere within I find relaxing with helpful members of the bar staff to serve a high number of tables.

We arrived at the bar only to find the car park almost full and wondering if we should try somewhere else, but all carried on and a private corner for our small group was found with a leather sattee and arm chairs available. I soon felt at home myself, as for other members of the family I can’t say but we had a lovely time. I still seem to be noticeing improvements with my health since my operation now over nine years ago.

My order for a drink as stated was a Guinness my favorite dark beer, a stout of such strength. My mother had a large glass of red wine and brother had to settle with a glass of water as he was driving. It was soon after settling in this corner of the bar my eyes cought sight of the notice upon the beam on the ceiling, “Mind Your Head.” The straight response coming to my mind being, Oh blow my head, I’m here to enjoy myself this bank holiday weekend, not think of work.

It was surprising to me as I believe it was to the others also how from my brother a conversation about food began to form and who should be stating most of the wording and asking the others to remain quiet, it was me myself. How Daniel from the bible and his three friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are ordered to compromise their faith by eating the kings food instead of what God has ordained, moving on later to when Daniel’s power rises and he is able to interpret the handwriting which Belshazzar sees on the wall, only making me think of what I had seen on the wall that evening, “Mind Your Head.” With being seated inside the Bulls Head it brought to my mind in Daniel chapter 8 where he has the vision of a ram with two horns, standing beside the canal. One of the horns was longer than the other, but grew up later. He did as he pleased and became great. In verse 5 a goat with a prominent horn between his eyes comes from the west, he came towards the two horned ram and charged at him in great rage. Daniel saw the goat attack the ram furiously, striking the ram and shattering his two horns. The goat becoming very great but his large horn was broken off. Gabriels interpretation of the vision concerning the time of the end when a master will become very strong, not by his own power, yet he will be destroyed but not by human power.

Our conversations were going on and more glasses of stout coming to the table, occasionally even with a the pattern of a clover leaf on the surface. The bar assistant even managed to get a word in on one occasion whilst clearing the table of empty glasses and bottles, “Would you like a top-up.”

Well certainly that night I slept well and through some of the next day also. My councellor told me some time ago now, “You have a curious mind.” I have to admit I do, always wanting to find out more of what is going on, I have my faith in the Lord and he shall guide me through my life that he planned before I was born.

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