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(Modified version of speech for daughter's wedding.)

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone for coming to celebrate this special day of Ellen’s and Rick’s wedding, and the joining of the our clan with Rick's.

We are very proud of Ellen and love her so much. She is beautiful, dynamic, funny, compassionate and clever, and has an open heart and loving spirit. As parents, we were delighted when she and Rick found each other. We observed the respect, love and support Rick showed Ellen right from the beginning. Joy is infectious, and their love brightened our life as we saw them cuddling and joking around at Belgrave, singing ‘Fly me to the Moon’.

When Rick told me he wanted to marry Ellen, I was overjoyed. Ellen and Rick are great friends and very compatible. They are energetic, fit and enthusiastic, and know how to enjoy life, whether it is cooking gourmet dinners, going out with friends, dagging around at home, tinkering with bikes, talking about their work, or 450 feet up in a tree-house listening to gibbons. They are strong individuals whose generosity of spirit is evident in all their relationships.

Ellen and Rick are from joyous, loving, hospitable families. I’ve visited and seen photos of Rick everywhere. There’s no end to the great stories they tell of happy family occasions. I really appreciate Rick’s folk inviting Michael and me to their family gatherings. We’ve already enjoyed many opportunities to get to know them as lovely people. Rick is a beautiful, intelligent, humorous, gentle and caring person. He has so many wonderful qualities, and is everything a parent could hope for in a son-law.

Bern, Michael and I adore Ellen, and she’s greatly loved by all her relatives. Most of her aunts, uncles and cousins are here to share this wonderful occasion. She also has fantastic mates who have given lots of love and support over many years. I’d particularly like to thank her bridesmaids who have hearts of gold.

I’ve asked Bern’s brother to say a few more words in a moment, but on behalf of everyone I welcome Rick into our family. I know how much Ellen and Rick love each other. I thank them for organising this wonderful day, and wish them every blessing. And I trust their love and joy will continue to grow in their married life together. Thank you.

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