Support for the Iraqi Asylum Seekers

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Support for the Iraqi Asylum Seekers

My senses are awakened. My heart is deeply touched. Tears fall down my cheeks as I watch the throng of people, staging demonstration against the political decision of sending the 22 Iraqi refugees back to their war torn land Iraq. They are part of those who sought refuge in Brorson Church from the month of May after having received the verdict on rejection of their plea for asylum. They are Christians and Muslims finding the church as their last refuge to plea for help. They received support from Christian and non Christian friends. From the month of May until August the local church of Brorson became their church asylum. But in the middle of the night on the 13th of August they were driven out by the police force. And this morning the political will of driving them out won.

Today, 22 of them, the first group, were ordered to leave the ports of Denmark with few dollars in their wallets as help for their survival in their own country. News leaked that 5 of them were arrested as they landed in Iraq.

Today marches of people are seen in different cities, marking their strong opposition to the political decision of sending out these Iraqui refugees who have waited long to find asylum in Denmark. Tonight thousands of Danes, immigrants, young and old, march their way from the Immigration office to the Church where these rejected Iraqui refugees once sought asylum. And news reveals that other demonstrations are also going on in the other cities in the country. Tonight at nine in the evening is the call to all symphathizers to light a candle on their window, to mark the common support and symphathy for the rejected Iraqi asylum seekers.

I cry because I can see that these demonstrations tonight display the face of our common humanity, that is, that we are people with the ability to cry and feel for those who are in deep trouble,the ability to question the law of the land, when the act of mercy is subdued by mere logic in the mind. Tonight the demonstrations in support for the rejected Iraqi asylum seekers reflect the conscience of our common humanity,the conscience that should be ready to help when we are in the position to help. The story of the Great Samaritan which is a call for our human conscience is resounding loudy in these street demonstrations tonight. Light a candle on your window tonight.

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