Gentle As You Go

a writing by Jayne Clark

Gentle as you walk this path of life. Be light in your thoughts, forgiving in your words, helpful in all your ways. Gift yourself with kindness.

Celebrate the perfection that you are. All of your talents and abilities are full of goodness and Light. Share them, be free with them, you are a blessing. Recieve of your own abundance. Notice that all the good that you do for others is meant for your enjoyment also.

Remember your worth and value. All that you think, feel, and experience is important. Your life matters. Your purpose is important. The role you play in the lives of others is meaningful. Your positive efforts make a difference, even when it seems like no one notices.

Gentle as you travel today. Gentle with yourself, with others, with nature. Be the blessing that you are. Blessings will always find their way back to you.

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