Beautiful . . . Wonderful You

a writing by Jayne Clark

Beautiful . . . Wonderful You! The world may say that it is dark. Yet all of Heaven will say that you are Light. People may say that it can't be done. The Angels sing of all things possible. Some say that love hurts. Yet Mother Nature exprsses Her Love freely, abundantly, and asks for nothing in return.

Beautiful . . . Wonderful You! How joyously Heaven sings of your existence. This world is a better place because of you. Open your eyes. Open to the good that lives inside you. Turn away from fear, worry, and doubt. They are not your friends. Turn instead to hope and the chance to begin again.

Beautiful . . . Wonderful You! You say that you have made many mistakes. All has been erased in the presence of Grace. You say you could have done better, regret they way you treated your friends, or how you left in a fury. Friend, you're living in the past. Become present to this moment. Say your amends even if they are not listening. Free yourself. Start again. Simply be beautiful, be wonderful, most of all . . . be You.

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