St. Francis of Assisi in our Struggle to Save our Environment

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

In December this year a world conference on climate will be held in Denmark. The world gives attention to the climate changes that have worried the inhabitants in our modern world. Even if we have been proud to declare the advances of sciences, tap resources,discover new technologies, we have found out that our environment is depleted, desecrated, devastated.

A new understanding on creation has to be rediscovered. For centuries we have told ourselves that every human being is created by God, that such a created human being is the master of creation, who`s got all the power and authority over all of creation under his feet,being the highest form of creation, the homo sapiens in God`s created world.

The simple St. Francis of Assissi in the Catholic Church has much to teach us. He who takes the plants and animals, the seas and moon, the air and water as his brothers and sisters, father and mother, has much to teach us.

From him we can learn to relate ourselves to the rest of creation with much humility,not as masters but as co- creatures, as they are very much a part of our existence as a human family. St. Francis of Assissi`s lifestyle of simplicity and loving relationship to all around him be they plants, animals, sea, air, moon, sun and water,etc. has much to teach us to save us from destroying the environment of our own planet earth.

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