Life's circle

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

The beautiful woodpecker, with feathers glistening in the sun.It flies around, with wings spread wide and all about.
It peckes his life away upon the blissful wooden trees
By nature it's only task to achieve, nothing but a home
for it's loving spouse.

That saddened tree all alone lies in the forest with no home. Holes vast, spread about oh so many all around and about. It dies for that lovely bird and soon hits the ground with a much depressing sound.

Happy jumping little rabbit so cold and so alone nestles within the broken log. Ah yes, is soon his new home. He frolicks in the shade of the nearby trees. Soaks up the entire summer breeze. He cuddles so tightly when winter winds blow. He snuggles within helpless watching the new fallen snow.

Come summer again and agian. Little wood worm burrows within crawling all about silently nestles within that trunk a maze of munched wood. Then while a skunk putters around and all about,new home for him with the worn trunk.
Worm wood and forest skunk full of wood and spunk, feels so glad to get a home within that wooden trunk.

Years go by it was called home by many,now just mere
strewn pieces of wood around and all about nestled in the cool dirt sprouts mushrooms, oh so many around and all about.

Little seedling from near by tree swirls around and all about, nestled among the strewn pieces of wood and mushrooms. Cuddles anxiously beneath the warm dirt. Sprouts so proud a new strong plant grows and spreads limbs around and all about. Little wood pecker nestles soon in a hole within.

Nature's anticipation of life viewed by many all around and spread about. Life is nothing but a circle, no doubt.

Linda Terrell

In my front yard there is a tree dead from the pecking of a huge woodpecker. As I watched it over the years destroy the tree with such a helpless feeling. The other day it began pecking on my house...I was furious. I put a giant sculptured ceramic owl on my front porch and problem solved---he moved. Sure wish I would have thought of how birds were afraid of owls sooner.....That is what inspired me to write this story, of how life is just a circle for the bugs, beasts and foul of the earth.....

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