Chicago Shock on Her Bid for Olympic Games 2016

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Who of us here in Denmark would ever think that Chicago would be out during the first round of election count in her bid to host the Olympic Games in 2016? It came as a shock to many of us. It`s because Chicago got the best backing from the powerful personalities and leaders like Michelle Obama, Oprah Windfrey and of course,from the most powerful man,Barack Obama.

Denmark is plagued with Obamani. Michelle and Oprah, who came two days earlier than President Barak Obama, were received with much colour and splendor. And the coming of Barack Obama this morning made the little Copenhagen sleep in silence as roads, ports and air space halted their normal operations to ensure the best safety of the US president.The visit of Obama brings great honour to the small country of Denmark and makes her feel much closer to USA, the country which the Danes feel they have much in common with--in her claim for democracy and fight against terrorism.

The short visit of Obama occupied the columns in the Danish newspapers and the TV screens.The service secret agents of Obama could be seen walking on the Danish ground.Small children in schools mentioned Obama`s name with much delight as they played their games. The Obamani syndrome among the Danes was, I believe, very much seen during his visit. The common folks would like to personally see his face. The delegates to the Olympic Games Committee clapped their hands loudly as Obama made his speech.But even then, Chicago lost in the bid. The torch for the 2016 Olympic Games goes to Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.

While I rejoice with the Brazilians for their victory, I wonder why Chicago lost. One can mention many reasons. Media commentators can give us a bundle of reasons. I don`t have to mention and repeat. I think, I would just like to point out one thing: The human right to choose cannot be manipulated at all by anyone`s shadow of authority or popular personality. The right to vote is sacred and secret with unpredictable results which can bring to us great surprises.

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