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Forgiveness is the fragrance that the Violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.
~ Mark Twain

It is never asked of you to simply pardon the guilty as a way of bringing denial to all that you feel. To not embrace the anguish stemmed by unspeakable sights and sounds of hatred acts is no better than a betrayal of self.

Yet, when the ruins of your life have been kissed by your own thoughts of forgiveness, the seeds of Violets come to life. And the new life grows.

Befriend forgiveness and you open your own eyes to authentic perception. No longer do you see what what was never there in the first place. What appeared to be so hideous becomes a portrait brushed by Love, Compassion, and Mercy. And you are the better for it.

To know forgiveness is to recognize God in all of what we celebrate and what we grieve. It is believing that there is no place where the Christ Mind isn't. It is the refusal to believe that some human experiences can be forgiven while others can't. And all of them can be.

Let not your heart be harden because of sharp arrows. Utter not these words, "I will never forgive." Love. Love yourself. Love others.

Love so much that all you have yet forgiven ceases to cause you pain. Love that which you can't bare to look at. Love because it is who you are. And you are glorious indeed!

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