Another Slicing of the Flesh

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

It was only an hour ago. I can feel the numbness. The effect of anesthesia must be slowly fading. Now I look back what happened. I cannot lie down. My daughter is cooking food for the whole family. I must write down some lines for my good friends here at It is still early to sleep or early to give my body full rest.

After school I went to the doctor`s clinic to say that I would like to delay the scheduled minor operation on my shoulder. It is Sports Day in school on Friday. I don`t want my active movements to be hampered by some pain in my body. But no, the doctor was adamant. She said I should have the black growth on my shoulder be removed by a minor operation and be forwarded for the scrutiny of pathologists.

I gave in. My friends requested me never to delay. My daughter encouraged me to get through it. I lied down on the doctor`s operating table. I felt the injection forced into my skin. I felt the scissor slicing a flesh out of me. I felt the warmth of the blood dropping. I felt the thread closing the scar of the slicing. I closed my eyes and thought of life, the fragility of life.

The short ordeal was over. The flesh is preserved, ready to be sent for pathological analysis.Is it another sign for cancer or not? And I wait for 2 weeks to hear the answer.

For the meantime, I will sit down in silence, write some poems or reflections, paint an image, sing a song from the heart, speak to my kids,clean the house,do my assignments, read a book... Life has to be entertained. Life must be productive. Our life is a gift from our Creator. What we can make out of it within its short time is our gift to Him.

(Written an hour after the minor surgery, the 7th of October, 2009)

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