A Debate on Euthanasia, Death with Dignity

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

This morning as I was taking my breakfast, I watched a debate for and against Euthanasia, on what seemed to be called the right of a patient to end his own life, a kind of dying described with dignity.

Different points of view were presented. More and more citizens are pushing for to have euthanasia legalized, clothed with the words of the law. What do you think about it?

I personally think that it is not right. Life has to be lived. Life rejoices over health but pain and disease are also part of life which life has to bear with courage.It is not our right to end or to kill our given life. I think that making up a law to legalize euthanasia is declaring ourselves gods of our time. We are not God and we cannot be gods.

Saying no to euthanasia,I believe,is affirming the divine spark in every human being, the divine spark which nobody of us can measure and diagnose with medicines and laws.Saying no to euthanasia is recognizing that mystery beyond human comprehension that has its own part in our own life which can touch us anytime with endurance, healing, courage or even acceptance of death which is not of our own making. Saying no to it is declaring that we are humans under the decree from God.

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