Halloween's Jack O Lantern

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Halloween's Jack O Lantern

Stingy Jack
an Irish legend
he was sadly said to be
a tricky drunken fellow
and thief to some you see.

His tricary
topped my none
He dared the devil
to a new level
that silly fellow
to him his promise

When he died,
now where to hide,
his mounting sins,
he was briskly heaven denied.

He---Devil despised,
He roamed about,
With out a doubt,
in neither heaven or hell.

Now if you dare,
on halloween's eve,
place Jack 0 Lantern out,
to scare away his evil attack
of that man called Stingy Jack.

Linda Terrell
October 19, 2009

USA Holiday's
We know the story of Christmas.
We know the story of Easter.
We know the reason for Thanksgiving.
We know the reason for many other reasons of days we celebrate.
I always thought it was for kids to dress up and trick or treat. Well it is much more than that.
My poem is of a man that became a halloween ledgend hundreds of years ago. He was said to have even tempted the Devil himself with his evil ways. Stingy Jack he was called. To read further of this evil man's ledgend story
click on the link ot type it in your comuter. This is where Google sent it.
It tells about it all.

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